Amazon hates me... Amazon issues

Welp i was super hyped to get a CE of homeworld but it seems Amazon didn’t get my order on their UK site… I was willling to pay extra considering Homeworld meant so much to me in my childhood (first learning of it around 2002-3)… I hadnt preorder on the USA site because i thought you had to pay upfront and by the time i find out you arnt charged till release it was too late… and i pretty much was crushed and sulked away in the old forums quietly… then just recently when i found out i could buy from the UK site my homeworld love was rekindled heck i even started a small contest so more people could get homeworld… but it seems fate/amazon does not want me to have the CE as i just found out yesterday my order hadnt gone thru and now all copies are sold out on every site… My sadness know no bounds…

Im sorry to bother you guys with this post thank you for listening to my ranting so my question to you am i a lone case or has this happened to others?..

how the hell could the order fail to have gone through? Only thing i can see doing that is if they charged a bad credit card. Seriously talk with amazon to see wtf happened.

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I did… they said the order didn’t go through and its not the card because one it had the money and 2 they don’t charge preorders till release so even if it had been a money issue i would had gotten a warning… Amazon told me sorry for the incontinence but there is nothing we can do for you… so sad for my case…

It fails even if you try again? Try clearing cookies, etc, or ideally using a different browser (Chrome or Firefox).

he can’t try again because they are out of stock.

well if they were shipping from the uk warehouse right about now is when i would expect a charge to happen.

but ya you really need to hound amazon for what specific point on the order failed and why did it take this long to notify you of it

Amazon US now has it the remastered, non-CE listed.

Oh that sucks. Now I’m gonna be paranoid about the same thing because they’re still not showing any update to my order. :unamused:

If it shows up in your order history, you should be fine. They’re still sending emails out.

@Kirazy It doesnt sadly… i didnt get confirmation or anything nothing on the order history… the only proof i would have would be my history saying i was on website

thats not the issue because the thing is i bought 2 copies 1 on steam and on uk for the CE i have been wanting it since last year like i said but i didnt know you didnt have to pay till release… too late now on all sites…

Thats the thing they didnt… i just decided to see if they would have a eta on delivery and found it wasnt even there…

I hope so. Mine as of 2 seconds ago still said “We’ve received your order but we haven’t started preparing it for dispatch yet. The amount of time your order spends in this status can vary based on the availability of the item/s and the selected delivery option.”