Amazon Preorder Delivery - September 17th?!

So, I just received an email from Amazon about the preorder I placed on July 15th…

“Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition - PlayStation 4”
Estimated arrival date: September 17, 2019 "

I have to admit, I’m concerned. Every other game I’ve preordered from Amazon has arrived on release day. Has anyone else received an email promising a similar delay?

I canceled my Amazon preorder last week due to similar concerns and opted to go for Digital version on XBOX. Already pre-loaded :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen similar threads at Reddit piling up all day, unfortunately. Everyone is saying the same Sept 17th date with Amazon in the U.S.

Got my message about it arriving on the 17th a few hours ago. One would think that 2 day shipping wouldn’t take 4 days. Yea, yea Sunday and everything, but Saturday is the 2nd day soo…

I swapped to Gamestop. Just said “screw it” and decided to bite the bullet and drive to the store in the morning so I don’t have to wait 4 days for the same package at an additional shipping cost.

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its estimated, doesnt mean it will arrive on the 17th. it is possible though.

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Just got off the phone with Amazon.

The price on the Super Deluxe Edition is supposed to increase on the 17th, so I thought maybe there was an error and their system was listing that as the release date. However, it does seem that the 17th is currently their projected delivery date.

I could see that changing, either as they face order cancellations or realize a mistake their customer service rep didn’t uncover, but for now the 17th is correct.

For what it’s worth, they did give me a $15 account credit for the inconvenience, even though I did say I was going to see about finding an alternate retailer. So, that was classy of them.

Guess I’ll be checking in with GameStop. I’d buy it digitally, but video games are about the only physical media I still collect.

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I just got an email from Amazon also. After chatting with customer service they are still saying the 17th. Time to cancel my order and head to gamestop.

Yeppers… It will be the 17th at the earliest I was told.
Time to go to Best Buy. They always have a little Midnight Party on the release of big games. :slight_smile:
At least this way I’ll actually get to meet other players face to face.

Check with the Gamestop in your area. Mine is releasing the game at 9 pm.

I may do just that Dl2, thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, I ended up going with GameStop for the 9PM release. I have to work on Friday, so I’d rather not do a midnight release.

Nice thing was, I had “The Outer Worlds” on the same Amazon order, so I got to cancel Borderlands and keep the $15 order credit.

I noticed that a while back and I tried to see if I could change the shipping to overnight but it’s not an option. I can wait until the 17th. I have other things to do over the weekend anyway and wouldn’t have been able to put much time into it.

Just as an FYI, often Amazon will send you an email near the actual launch date saying they’ve received permission to pre-ship the item so you’ll receive it on launch day. Had that happen pretty much every time with pre-ordered movies.

Not saying that will definitely happen with BL3 but it’s possible.

It says estimated delivery, and will be updated after the game is shipped. Most of the time I order through Amazon I get it the day of or a day early.

Same here… ETA Sept 17. Cancelled and ordered the digital download. Really wanted to have the disc, but also don’t wanna be a Christmas kid come Monday the 17th.

Yup, did the same here: canceled Amazon and downloaded digital version on XBOX.

I probably could’ve lived with delay if it was a typical Tuesday release or whatever the usual practice is. But losing entire weekend of quality time on Pandora (and elsewhere) would be too much.

Again to reiterate, it says estimate because it hasn’t shipped yet. The message also says they will update the date after it ships. The only shipping option I was given was 2-day shipping. If it takes longer you’re due for incentives from amazon for exceeding their delivery time.

It won’t take longer, it never does.

Here in Brazil i had a similar issue, but in the release of Borderlands 2. The store i bought the game would deliver the game to me only 15 ~ 20 day after the release date. I had to cancel the order and got the game in the day of the release [lost all the goodies from buying in the pre order, but got the game for my birthday :slight_smile: ]

I got nervous a couple weeks ago when Amazon still didn’t even have an estimated date for me even though I pre-ordered within a couple hours of it going up and I have prime. When I first asked all they said was it was shipping on schedule, no date offered. When I tried again a few days later they said it ships out on release day and will arrive 2 days later. Canceled my order and switched to Walmart for release date delivery and free shipping.

I just got this today from Amazon. We ordered three of the hard copies of the Super Deluxe Edition.


We have good news! One of your pre-ordered items is now eligible for release date delivery and has been upgraded at no additional charge. Your new delivery estimate is:

“Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition - PlayStation 4”
Estimated arrival date: September 13, 2019