Amazon prime ordering

For those of you who don’t know, Amazon prime members get 20% off the game if they preorder through Amazon. Kickass deal


but do you get the figure? I didn’t think so.

Pfft. I’d rather save the 20%.

Yeah but…BattleBorn figurine, man

A: I have a very strong hatred for GameStop as an ex employee (5 yrs will make you hate it) B: that’s $12

Edit: it’s actually cheaper to buy this on Amazon with the season pass than the digital deluxe!

There’s a reason I never worked there.

Started as a teenager thinking it’s a dream retail job. There’s a reason it was in the top 10 worst places to work hahah

I want my figurine though…

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damn right.

On UK Amazon, the boxed edition is £9 cheaper than the Steam code alone so assuming it contains a Steam key it’s a no-brainer.

You’ll need Steam to play, so it’ll have a Steam key.

I just when and checked the PC pre-order and on my Prime account it’s showing $59.96

Update: Discount is applied at checkout $47.99

Ah yes sorry I didn’t mention that part. I think it’s to fight price matching.