Amber Lamps? Who dis?

OK…who dis? Also, WTF is happening?

Immediately after that…Balex joins the Mole People?

AAA bugs.


It’s a loot robot, basically. And it can be very annoying when it spawns in the monkey room, flailing about in inaccessible places.

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Nice - that’s the first I’ve seen of it. Does it always move erratically like that?

I have no idea. I have been through here countless times and I don’t remember seeing this enemy and I definitely would have remembered if it moved like that.

Is this a play on “amberlance” , like “call amberlance” from that old Youtube video?

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Yes, it always flails its arms and zips around crazily. I think the first place I ran into one was Lectra City.

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ive encountered him 2 times on different play throughs and he always does this, the first time he flew out the roof and died off screen, I got the exp but no loot.

i have seen that a few times, this one i haven’t experienced


I’ve seen it a few times in meridian metroplex, once in the mission with Zer0 where you get the null pointer. Killed it and didn’t get anything special from it, so assumed it was a weird easter egg.

It’s kinda like the Jimmy Jenkins loader in BL2, just a random special character that pops up from time to tie to maybe give you good loot (though not often) and to make a random achievement.


It does tend to drop a fair bit of cash along the way. Good excuse to be an Amber Lamps chaser when you’re running a new character through!


OK, but is it supposed to fly around the room like that? It wasn’t doing that at first…but then it somehow popped up onto one of those inaccessible balconies…then just started flipping out.

It just randomly flies everywhere in a state of panic. It is quite erratic as to its pathing and can end up in all sorts of odd places.

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