Amber Management

Thoughts on this gun for an splash damage Moze? It looks like the damage bonus can go up to 100% based on the four flame jets and it’s always incendiary, meaning it pairs well with Stoke the Embers and Mayhem elemental damage bonuses.

Honestly, I think Amber Management is only worthwhile in Moze’s hands, at least if you’re going for bonus damage in guns, splash and incendiary. I tried it with her and it’s a decent alternative to the laser sploder or other incendiary assault rifles if you don’t get lucky with any world drops.

But then I ported it over to my elemental Amara and the DPS just couldn’t compare to what Moze was capable of. However, I don’t run nor have I tested a lvl 50 Mystical Assault + Phasezerker build with my Amara so maybe there’s a lot of potential ground for her to catch up with this gun.