Ambermire Broadcast Tower

This is impossible to reach as Fl4k as he is too tall and you hit the beam when jumping to the 2nd ladder

I bumped my head as Amara too. I tried jumping earlier and further back but I couldn’t get it to work, I think the trick would be to time/angle it so you barely catch the bottom of the ladder.
I can’t help tell you how to do it since I cheesed the jump using Phaseslam, sorry.

I cant help you with the legitimate way however I did find an easy way to do it as any character. If you are inside the compound, walk around the building that the tower is attached to until you come across a lootable fridge. Jump on that, then over to the fence, then onto the pipe and just walk over to the Tower platform. I found this method before finding the normal one so I have just gone with that for the 3-4 times if grabbed it.

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I was able to make the jump legit just now. You can’t jump straight ahead, you have to curve around to the left and then back.

So start the jump going off to the left and curve right as you fall, that’s how I caught the end of the ladder.

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I couldn’t make the jump legit on Zane, so I proc’d all of my movespeed buffs and just ran and made it.

It took me like, five or six tries as Amara, but I eventually got it, despite getting extremely frustrated along the way. Would’ve gotten it sooner, but I forgot to jump once or twice, and accidentally hit Phaseslam once instead of jumping… as well as one time I didn’t sprint before jumping… that tower needs some tweaking though, definitely.

I managed eventually though no idea how as I got lucky on a jump and didnt bang my head

I play as FL4K and had a tough time with this jump. Finally figured out that you have to time the jump just right at the very end of the beam you are running along. You still bump your head, but it gets you enough distance that as long as you are on target can grab the ladder. The jump puzzles in BL3 I could have lived without.

I did it with Fl4k after several tries and lots of cussing. First I made sure to walk out onto the wooden plank sticking out from the edge. When you do that it drops you down a tiny bit. Running and jumping at the last moment kept ending in tears. On the successful attempt I jumped after the last moment - I had left the edge of the plank and just started to drop.

I did it with Fl4k after several tries by simply engaging Fade Away for the speed boost. Ran, jumped, no head bonk, and no ladder, actually…made it clear over to the other ledge. O_O

you need to slide jump to do it consistantly.

Tried about 50, times with no success. Tried all the variations suggested here but none helped. I believe I’ve died as often from missed jumps as I have in combat. Love the game, but this jumping BS can drive me crazy.

The trick (for me) is to jump at the very last moment. Make sure you use all the length of the steel beam.
Hated those on my first playthrough and this one was on the top 3 I hated the most. After leveling up 4 1/2 VH and a TVHM playthrough you get the hang of it and they’re not that hard.
Good luck and stay positive. :slight_smile: