Ambermire Crimson Radio

Anyone else have issues getting to the radio? I’m trying to get to the one on the really tall building but every time I jump to get to the second ladder the post above gets in the way and I immediately drop to the ground. It’s a bit frustrating. And yes I’ve watched a few videos but can’t seem to avoid hitting the post above no matter where I jump from.

Yeah I had alot of issues with that one too, it is possible despite hitting the post above, you just have to keep trying to aim for the bottom of the ladder taking into account the post knocking you off course a bit.

Slightly off topic - how good is the radio chatter now? In BL2, many of the radios were otherwise silent (on any channel), and I might only catch a commercial halfway through. The radio chatter in this game is pretty great.

More on topic - I think I got that one with my first character, and should be there shortly with my second. If I find a ‘trick’ to it, I’ll post here.

Jumping to the far ladder was a troll by Gearbox, it’s a trick.
When you are at the point where you can you need to jump and cling to the right ledge, just past the first two objects. May take you 2 runs to get that. Then walk that ledge to the corner and it will make more sense.

Don’t jump straight to the ladder. Jump more to the left and turn while mid-air. It’s very easy to do.

That one gave me trouble as well. But I think you’ve actually got to jump on the Pipe, there’s a yellow spot on it close to the actual radio that you can jump towards.

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I’d have to look in game to be sure, but if it is the one I think it is (walking on ledge and have to jump gap to other ledge that ladder hangs from) I did it by sliding across the ledge then jumping as I crossed the gap. With the right timing you will slidejump under the overhead eaves and grab the ladder.

I had the hardest time with Fl4k. I had to make sure I walked out onto the plank so it dropped down a tiny bit before I tried to make the jump. And then I had to jump late - a fraction of a second after running off the plank, I jumped basically while falling and got across.

But Moze, who is shorter, barely bumped her head at all and I got it first try without any special techniques.

There’s no jumping required, you can crouch and walk across the beam on the right.

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Ah - just got here and pulled it off: I did a slide off the end and caught the ladder on the way down. Also, if you jump out of the slide, you can basically make the entire gap.

I’ve tried every method (I’m playing as FL4K) and can’t make it. So I just moved on. This is seriously terrible. If there’s a different method up other than that damn ladder I hope someone makes a video.

I tried going along the edge on the right when I was playing Fl4k, but the angled support beam blocked me. I couldn’t go under it or hop past it.

I’ll try to add a video of my method posted above if I do not forget to record it.

I hope this helps.


I usually just slide jump under those eaves, however jumping to the around them looked easier to time, than a slide jump is, based on that video. So definitely good to know I could do either method successfully.

As I’ve been farting around with slides and slams more, it really seems like leaping out of a slide makes you jump farther. Can someone confirm? I mean, I’m fairly positive it’s a thing (even without relics that let you slide faster).

Yes I have reached ledges with slide jumping that were out of reach otherwise, you have a faster upward trajectory I guess so it is easier to reach places.

I made it once then messed up on the third jump. Jumping puzzles should nto be this frustrating, espcially when the frustration is due to the height of the character you are playing interfearing with your ability to do the jump. thats pretty terrible game design imo.

It was hard enough with Amara and Moze, but with Fl4K it seems impossible. After an hour, and a throat raw from frustrated yelling I finally found a way.

  1. You will probably need the auto-climb setting for this
  2. You NEED to make sure that you are “mid-way” away from the right side ledge. If you are too close you will hit the ledge and get ricocheted off course, if you are too far away you won’t be able to grab the ledge.
  3. Get a full running jump, you WILL hit the top beam and start to fall, when this happens turn right to grab the open space on the ledge. Once you get onto the ledge DO NOT jump off, simply walk FORWARD toward the ladder and let yourself fall off the ledge, when you do you can/will (if auto-climb is enabled) grab the ladder and pull yourself up.

Afterward the rest is same as always, climb onto the FIRST part of the pipe, then turn around almost 180 degrees, you will see a ledge sticking out of the railing which you jump + climb over to get to the radio tower + red chest

I was reliably able to do it with a slide jump on all characters, though it was pretty irritating the first time.