Ambermire Sell Out Mission Glitch (Its not a glitch I'm just dumb)

So I was going through Ambermire just trying to get it all done and of course went and did this quest which I killed myself because I wanted the gun and all throughout the mission Tyreen is heckling me and calling me a gunslut and basically being Tyreen, but after the quest was through she was still trash talking, I was thinking oh maybe she just keeps doing it until I’m done with this area but no she does it everywhere like a broken record. I went to sanctuary and opened the golden chest i hear her say “GUN SLUT GUN SLUT” I fire at an enemy she says “Oh you must have been practicing I can tell”, I encounter enemies she says “Kill this turd farmer”. Its like a broken record because its the same dialogue over and over, and its in 5 min intervals. I probably encountered every glitch in this game and ohhhhhh boy oh there alot and this one takes the cake as one of the most annoying. Has anyone had this and does anyone know how to stop it because i literally closed and opened the game five times just to see if that will end it.

The gun talks, that’s why you can still hear her trash talking.

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:joy::joy::joy: just got that gun myself haven’t tried it yet omg

Damnit im sitting here thinking im going crazy and it was the freaking gun this entire time wth

Closed since we have an answer.