Ambra and Rath need a nerf!

I mean, just look at all those Varelsi they’re killing, so OP!

But seriously, reminiscent of Goku and Vegeta level of tag team, lol.


Woo, false alarm everybody


…Well stated :sunny:


without reading anything about this post… DEADWIND IS TOO STRONG!

The assistance, while appreciated, was unnecessary.


I knew coming into this thread that it wasn’t serious. Ambra I could see but I would be very confused to see somebody think that rath needs a nerf lol (especially since he didn’t really need a lot of the nerfs he has got :P)

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haha, the title was a joke, but the post is real. nobody else thinks we need more of this? it’s the exact "badass"ness this game is supposed to be about, and the jennerit are pretty much the “cool kids” (excluding attikus, sorry atty, you’re more just a giant beatstick with legs) that you know would just singlehandedly destroy hordes of enemies, lol.

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What about Gali?

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Basically a Jennerit. And Eldrid. May as well be a Rogue. Is UPR. She’s the LLC killer

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She really is the only cross faction character. So she has the powers of all them combined.

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Well, kinda Reyna too, but only a little bit

She technically has super advanced technology in her shield and sword.

Maybe she’s so good cause she’s everyone.

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Explains having everyone and their grandmother’s paternal uncle’s cc

Pendles is a rogue eldrid from alani’s planet ain’t he?

Yeah but they only thing he has that is good is invis