Ambra and the change to slow

I was just playing Ambra and a thought occurred. Now that slow has been nerfed, would it be appropriate to give extinction event it’s default slow back? I’m not sure if attack speed was also lowered during its cast but it definitely slowed. It’s probably been spoken about already but with the recent change to slow, I see no reason not to revert the nerf.

The ability itself uses gravity to pull a meteor from orbit/space. Considering the ability uses gravity, the slow effect made total sense. I see the argument of area denial or lingering damage helping to clear minions and deal damage, but giving it the slow back, in its nerfed form, would give her ultimate a bit more utility and make it more of a threat. The slow would give the ultimate a slightly higher chance of being more…useful. I mean, it already can be. When timed and placed perfectly. But even then sometimes that isn’t enough considering the overall damage and the fact that people tend not to stick in it for the full duration.

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Actually Ambra is perfect where she is (maybe a bit powerfull but not enough for a nerf/buff)

But where there is a problem is her Ultimate. While it’s really easy to land when playing versus random, it’s really hard to place when playing versus a well coordinated premade of 5, as there will always be at least one of them that will see the meteor and ping it for his mates.

So her ult is great at low/medium level, but not as high level (except for waveclear).

There are multiple solutions :

  • Brings back the slow
  • Makes it less visible (smaller and/or higher in the sky)… Why not makes it a real meteor that fall from the sky, where we only see the shadow growing on the ground.
  • Remove the casting sound. When you know really well the game, you can’t not hear the sound of the cast of her ult.
  • Reduce the time before landing

I think she is perfect where she is also, it’s just her ultimate that I thought could be given a slight buff to go in line with the rest of her kit.

Honestly I think her ultimate is fine. If you add the slow on top of its absolutely insane radius i think it will become a death field and ambra doesn’t really struggle to get kills. At the VERY worst her ultimate is a giant gtfo sign and that in and of itself is useful

This. Extinction Event’s use as a psychological weapon is brilliant. All but the most savvy players will look at that big diamond and immediately backpedal, unless they KNOW exactly how much damage it will do and how much health they have, they won’t hazard being caught in the wake. Especially for the purpose of securing kills, where they might take even more damage from their quarry. It’s almost a rescuer tool in that regard, at least as concerns melee attackers.

The only thing I dislike is the diamond animation but not because it’s too obvious, well not only, but because the meteor from the CTT was waaaaay cooler.

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I think she’s great the way she is its just one thing that bugs me about her and that’s her sunspot, Why can’t the sunspot heal unlimited and just have the health bar to be you know its health bar? They did it with Kleese 's Rifts and Miko’s Ult, why can’t it be the same with her sunspots? that would make the enemy more prone to destroy them then her Solar Burst and Soothing Sunlight helix choices would make them more viable, giving her the staff cooldown thing wasn’t really needed cuz it didn’t help cuz either way most people go for the Radiant Halberd mutation cuz its way better, and it would be better than just staying behind a wall replenishing the sunspot health cuz the moment a wave passes its gone and as a healer you always have to be on the move, well that’s just my opinion as someone who doesn’t see the use on the staff/sunspot cooldown reduction thing.

I agree she is fine. Would it be nice to slow people so they stay in your ult and get wrecked? Yeah. Is it necessary? Nah

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