Ambra basically useless now

So I only played as Ambra once in the beta. I played against her a lot though. Today I just played against her in a game of capture and she did barely any damage to me or my team. At this point it seems like she’s just a much worse Miko.

Still needs abit of balance but most of her points should come from healing not going rambo and getting kills.


I have been playing with her mostly and yes she does less damage than before. You cant just go up and solo anyone now. You have to pick your battles. Which how it should be with a healer imo.


+1 to this, the ability for a support to take on any attacker is not something that should happen. I like that you have to put more thought into your battles and you can just fight anyone all willy nilly like.


Was she just using her beam or did she try to melee? That patch reduced the beam damage to encourage melee use. Before patch beam did enough damage you didn’t need to melee.

I understand that she shouldn’t be able to just killed anyone and have to pick her fights, but she got no kills and 7 deaths with barely any healing, and she was actually trying to heal. Ambra can’t even come close to competing with miko in damage or healing at this point and that’s what made people play her was her damage with a bit of healing. Maybe as time goes on and people figure out how to play her it’ll get better, but there is no reason to play her over miko or even another damage dealer at this point.

She didn’t melee at all actually. Maybe that’s where her damage comes in.

Could just be a bad player that has no experience with the game or with Ambra.


You only melee with Ambra when her staff is fully charged. That is where the damage is from. Now, I get more assists and healing, obviously, than kills. Which how it should be. There are some battles where i get alot of kills, thats when I’m actually playing it safe more. Mostly I run in and try to drop sunspots to help my teammates. Once I get noticed from the opposite team I usually get focused and have to run away lol.

They probably played old ambra. She used to be able to decimate using just her beam. Now she needs to use her beam to increase heat on her staff and then melee for increased damage.

That’s true. Maybe once people learn how to play her better it won’t be a problem. It’s just got me really worried because the thing I hate the most about these moba/mobaesque games is when a really good character gets nerfed into oblivion because the community is too bad or lazy to learn how to play against them. Which I do believe Ambra and Galilea needed to be nerfed a bit, but at least for Galilea in the beta I felt she was fine after the nerf, but people were still begging for her to be nerfed again.

I think the idea of ambra as a support character is to set down sunspots (totems) in clutch areas to heal your allies even when you are not there. When using ambra correctly, you should try to be constantly moving and placing your sunspots. I think ambra is an immense global presence late game as well as having great minion clearing abilities.

I do not agree that she is a “worse miko” she heals in different ways and is a different playstyle.


I agree. If you ever see me in game, same name, dasev77. You will see me running around with my head cutt off trying to throw down sunspots and clearing minions with R2. Now getting people to stand and/or come back to sunspots when low on health is another issue :smiley:


The solar wind seems to be really weak, IDK if it was always like that but I enjoyed using her otherwise. Kind of held back a bit but I got a few KO’s with the extinction event and the sunspots were keeping front line people alive. Idiot on our team still said we all sucked even though I had like 18 assists and we won.

Tell that idiot she is not OP anymore. You will see alot of assists now lol. You can always helix into Solar Wind. It boosts damage to 100 percent I believe. I go in and clear minions and almost mostly I lvl up lol.

Solar Wind feels really weak now compared to what I remember in the beta. I have been playing her constantly since I unlocked her and only have like 132 kills with it for her lore challange, ugh. The sunspots seem to die really fast too. Even in pve, there’s been several times where they are gone as soon as I toss one out.

I should have, just ignored him. It’s like dude it’s day one we’re still learning what we’re doing here, and we won! And that is a ton of assists so clearly I wasn’t just sitting there… I was participating in almost every fight. lol

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I main Ambra, been playing her a bunch so far, and I barely notice the changes. I ended a game 13-1 and I can still 1 v 1 pretty efficiently (with some exceptions, such as Rath shakes fist angrily at Rath). I did notice the damage nerf when I tried her full dps build in PvE, but I was doing the kind of damage you’d expect from a support.

Leave my Ambra alone already! ;_;


"Burglar is Ambra, Krusty is nerfbat"

She has been nerfed quite a bit so far, hopefully she’s in a good place right now

At least you get a chance to 1v1. Most of the time they run away from me. Which is awesome btw lol. Love to have that effect. But yes Rath is a different story. I run away from him. I play him too so I know how he is. Once he ults, your done.