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NAME: Ambra
FACTION: Jennerit
CLASS: Versatile, Healer, Complex
BIO: Ambra long served within the Jennerit Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into prolonged life called “Sustainment”. Betrayed by Rendain, Ambra now fights with the Battleborn, healing her allies and devastating foes with localized solar anomalies.

Sunspot - Summon a Sunspot that damage nearby enemies
Solar Wind - Channel a fiery wind that damage enemies in front of you.
Extinction Event - Calls down a meteor at a targeted location


Ambra’s Profile Page
Official Game Page
Ambra Wallpapers

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Because there was no topic about her yet i’ll start one. So what do you think about Ambra ?
If you don’t know who she is, she can be seen in the E3 2015 Gameplay demo.

E3 2015 Gameplay Demo - Hidden Battleborn

I get a bit Pharaoh vibe, she is holding an scepter and she looks to have something on her head, two horns or is it a creepy mask like silent hill ? Maybe she will suprise me and do a charge attack diving into the enemy with those horns. The Scepter isn’t there for good looks it has to have a function so it’s probably a melee character. The energy beams could be an long range ability like rath does. Looking at her shadow it seems like she is floating so maybe she plays a bit like an mixture of Rath & Caldarius having a mixture of short and long range attacks. The red color could indicate that she is part of the Jennerit Empire (but i have been told not to look to deep into that).

Because i looked into some Mythologies that could reference to Ambra, i could imagine her ultimate ability to be a solar flare, creating a large orb of light damaging her opponents. As she seems to float maybe she can get some more air and throw that orb down like Goku does with his spirit bomb in Dragon Ball Z. One of the things that happens when you look into the sun is that it blinds you, but Caldarius already has an ability called flashbang that blinds your opponents for a brief moment. Should Ambra’s blinding effect last a bit longer?

So what are your thoughts on Ambra ?

If you are into references and mythology i got some extended speculation on my blog about Ambra

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Anything magey or sireny or just all around magicky are number 1 on my to play list.

Nice find.


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Who is next to her? may just be me having a mind blank tho

@Jax_Rift On the left is Mellka, that i first thought that was a NPC according to the look of the Co-op campaign demo. But she seems to be a Battleborn.

Covered her in my Trailer analysis a while back

I’ll start up another topic with some speculation on her

!Ah thought so! but once i’m home i will watch your videos! iv been meaning to watch them for ages!! XD

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How do you know her name?

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I agree with the whole “Egyptian mythology” vibe. The mask looks almost ceremonial as does the sceptre. It will be interesting to see what faction she belongs to.

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Reading is hard


The Caps lock is strong with this one.

So you don’t know her name. Got it.

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I really am struggling to see why anyone would want to create anguish in this thread.

Stop, now.


Ambra was just confirmed on the official Battleborn Twitter!


Yep, there she is.
she doesn’t quite look like what i expected. not a bad thing though.
i guess they’re really going for the undead theme when it comes to Jennerit Imperium.

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Weird how @MentalMars got it right, though. It’s like he’s a genius.


Whispers (I think “Someone’s” tipping him off)

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First of all gotta say i’m loving Ambra’s design, this one of those occasions where battleborn’s simplistic angular style really shines through to make an interesting character.

from the video we can see she is a very varied a character. she’s got a melee staff with ranged attack and support capabilities; like her ‘sunspot’ ability, which allows her to create areas that damage enemies but heal allies. i guess you could think of her as a ‘support battle mage’ of sorts.

what’s really throwing me about this character is her melee staff. i guess it could mean gbx wants you to play as with a melee or ranged build (maybe both?). it’ll be easier to figure out once we see her full helix skill tree.

Everyone needs to checkout 2k’s new blog post on the site. it’s got some really interesting deets about a certain someone! :smile_cat: Edit: easier to just post it here…

8/6/15 by 2K STAFF
“Let’s do our best and make some orphans! …… Why is everyone staring at me?” - Ambra


Leading the charge of the four Battleborn heroes that we unveiled this week during Gamescom, is Ambra. She may be a healer, but don’t think she’s soft – cross her on the battlefield and you’re gonna get burned. Or get a meteor dropped on your head. Or both.

Why is this badass healer so unique? Let’s find out.

ARCHETYPE: Specialist


Staff of Radiance: Primary attack that can unleash a deadly combo of melee strikes. Ambra’s staff can be augmented.
Ceremonial Gauntlet: Steals health from enemies within range, returning a portion of it to Ambra.

Sunspot: Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine? You can set up to three on a map – like mines. When an ally touches one, it’s a warm, healing glow. Enemies, though, feel the burn.
Solar Wind: Blow back and damage foes…but for your teammates, it’s a soothing breeze. Notice a pattern here?
Meteor: Pretty much what it sounds like. You can summon a meteor to pound an area doing massive damage to everything in the area – and deals additional damage for a few seconds.

The Jennerit aren’t exactly known for being nice. In fact, because of their…let’s just say flexible ethics…combined with the near-immortality of sustained life, Ambra (a mere 11,753 years old) can come off as magical, Bond villain-esque at times. Her fits of malevolent laughter probably don’t help, either. That said, she is actually one of the good guys. She’s idealistic, optimistic and believes wholeheartedly in the beings she’s fighting alongside to save the last star.

Ambra was born and groomed for service within the Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into the art of Jennerit prolonged life called "Sustainment.” The Silent Sisters, very influential in Jennerit society, serve as close advisors to the Empress as well as helping decide whom among the Jennerit get selected for immortality.

Over time, she became politically active, orchestrating the release of Caldarius – the imprisoned gladiatorial champion (now a fellow Battleborn) – and served as an inspiration to the downtrodden underclasses of the Imperium.

Betrayed by Rendain and his coup within the Jennerit Imperium, Ambra joined the rebellion along with Rath and Caldarius.

Ambra now fights with the Battleborn to heal her people and restore order through localized solar anomalies – preferably launched at Rendain’s face.

“Ambra is awesome support. During a match we were squaring off against Montana. He was soaking up everything we threw at him and the only thing that kept us going was Ambra dropping sunspots behind cover. We’d go in, chip away at Montana then duck back to get healed up. If our position was pressed, we could fall back and the sunspots work as mines to hold off the enemy.” – Steve Gibson, VP of marketing at Gearbox

Little overview video of Ambra’s Special Abilities