Ambra Gear Priority/Build

So I’ve got Master of Ambra and I got her legendary. Her legendary has skill damage and heal on it. I also have a purple cool down gear with healing on it and a blue healing gear with healing on it.

It seems to me that her gear might probably be tuned differently, I know that people play gear differently, but what is most people’s gear with Ambra?

Common Shard Regeneration w/ 2.10 shards per second and -21% reload speed. (0 activation)
Common Shield Increase w/ 150-ish shield increase and -15-ish% reload speed. (0 activation)
Ambra’s Legendary.

Although, I do sometimes use a Heal Power and Healing Received item instead of the Common Shield Increase.

I run with her legendary item (gotta love non stop ranged dps after level 7).
A +280 health with +210 health after surviving 180 seconds - mmm this helps
A +13.56% (IIRC) to healing with +6.78% (IIRC) to healing after surviving 180 seconds

I used to run shield, but realized my healing doesn’t help it at all. So now I run + to health.

I run

Cooldown + cooldown after melee hit
Healpower + Healpower after surviving 180 sec
and +shield regen + Cooldown

Can use so many sunspots it’s crazy