Ambra guide and debate

okay, first off I am writing this both to help people see more useful perspective and to hopefully learn new ways to play her myself and i am extremely new to posting on forums, **LET ME REPEAT MYSELF, EVERYTHING HERE CAN BE DEBATED. ** however, that doesn’t mean talk trash about other players. it’s in the forum rules, talk about the game not other players

Passive: When Ambra’s health falls below 20%, she is protected by a Flame Shield for 4 seconds that provides 300 Overshield. If you’re low health and get an overshield suddenly run every chance you can. you will be hunted by Alani’s and Galilea’s for lore challenges, but that’s no reason to make it easy on them!

Primary: Ambra’s Staff of Radiance drains health from a targeted enemy, returning 30% of the damage dealt to herself and generating Heat.(i personally don’t like this and use it only as a means to generate heat

Secondary: Ambra unleashes a series of melee strikes, spending Heat to do up toe 100% extra damage per hit.(it works even with zero heat. This is my big damage dealing at first, just remember you aren’t a true melee fighter though, I use it to catch someone who is weak or unaware typically

Ambra’s first skill(L1 on PS4) is Sunspot. Summons a Sunspot that does 40 damage a second to nearby enemies and 33 healing to allies at the cost of its own health. Up to 2 Sunspots can be active at once. Cooldown: 12 Seconds. This skill is my bread and butter.

Ambra’s second skill(R1 on PS4) is Solar Wind: Channels a fiery wind that quickly builds Heat as it damages enemies in front of Ambra. Solar Wind does 80 damage per second for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 18 Seconds.(use it for damage at first and control later)

Ambra’s Ultimate is Extinction Event: Calls down a meteor at a targeted location, dealing 334 damage and leaving a scorching area of effect, dealing 20 damage over 5 seconds. Cooldown: 60 Seconds(personally i drop this on big cluster fights like the middle of overgrowth to either make the enemy back up or take a big hit)

for gear i use ambras lore legendary when i’m focusing more on damage, a heal power pendant, and normally a health regen item (halberd cannon is a little obnoxious but it works extremely well, but gear isn’t a staple of this build, merely the icing on the cake so please substitute as you need or want),

now that we’ve discussed gear let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of the matter. the helix choices! i will explain them below and game strategems I’ve used(i use a mic which let’s me make communicate even to randoms but that isn’t necessarily needed either)
Edit: here is a link to the builder because i can’t figure out how to imbed it for you to view it here,-1,0,0,-1,-1,0,1,-1,1,


Level 1: I GO LEFT ALWAYS!, this is a team game. if ambra drops a sunspot in the middle of the battlefield that’s a whole lot of debuffs to go around to turn the tide real fast. and combined with later helix choices i make she only gets better

Level 2: Again, I always go left but that’s because the other 2 options make it nearly impossible to back your team up for sustained fights

Level 3: middle. healing a sunspot is the same as healing all allies and damaging/debuffing all enemies in range of the sunspot. how could you not want that?(i know it’s a hard grind to get to character rank 12, but once you do i recommend this for every game, till then get the heal option)

Level 4: I personally go middle but if you don’t have that mutation yet go for knockback, i use solar wind to either pin an enemy to the wall for a team mate to kill or to save an ally from a rath/galilea attack(if the team does well more likely you’ll do well)

Level 5: I go left here so that i can escape and evade

Level 6: i go Left again because you can help your team hold a HUGE area

Level 7: I go middle especially when i use her lore legendary(88 damage a fireball at level 10 isn’t much but nonstop adds up) but otherwise i would go lifesteal

Level 8: I go right here, unless the enemy team is annihilating your sunspots.

Level 9: I go left, I don’t use it for damage, i use it for disruption

Level 10: i go right, but really it doesn’t matter. go for what you feel better with

Game Progression and Flow
Level 1-2: play extremely cautious, if your team is holding their own go collect shard and buy buildables/ activate your gear. drop sunspots in just behind corners from the fighting for your team to either duck by when on low heal or to fight near, swoop in and out of the fight. drop a sunspot/solarwind combo on a player or minion wave then run back out of the fight.

The rest of the time:Find a good place and drop your sunspot and heal it(i use by the middle pillar in overgrowth typically) this lets you heal all allies(minions included) and damage all enemies that come near, this essentially makes the middle area a playground for your team mates as long as your sunspot stays alive(the downside of this is you will have times where you do nothing but heal your sunspot) but this is how you can help your team make huge pushes as well


I play on teams with or without mics with friends as well as with random groups and most of these tricks can do wonders with communication and can work passably well without extra communication

“HAIL MARY” when your team reaches the sentry on incursion drop a sunspot right next to it for 4 seconds of increased damage on it(i played on a team with a rath and reyna and we destroyed the first sentry for a recovery from a savage beating by stacking debuffs and a damage buff onto the rath)

“debuffs everywhere” I’ve been tinkering with different legendaries and one that i don’t have but would love to test is “the pacifier” damaging enemies lowers their attack damage for 5 seconds…i’m not sure how useful it is yet, as I’ve said i don’t have it, but this could be a useful setupd if you’re on a team

“psychological warfare” when you meet an Alani or galilea they will want to kill you, they probably will chase you over anything else, so if you’re able to dodge them…let them chase you, pop in and out of the fight so they get distracted and make mistakes.

“melee playground” this is essentially the mentality i play ambra with, make an area where my allies all heal and enemies take damage. every 12 seconds find the next area to move to towards the objective

“fireball canon” when ambra’s lore legendary is equipped and you use her level 7 mutation you have infinite fireballs so you can engage enemies at range finally.

apologies if this guide is a little hard to understand, it’s my first one but i would really appreciate hearing from people what they agree/disagree with on here

Nice post. I agree with it all. I’m working on my Ambra skills, even though I’m master of her.

That said, I feel like Ambra goes from weak to competent as she levels, whereas other battleborns go from competent to whoohooo!

thank you, and too true. do you have anything else you do when playing her?

While I don’t disagree that this is a good way to play disruptive as Ambra, I don’t play her this way at all. I focus around Solar Wind clearing waves and dealing damage, while also racking in kills. I use the right helix on 1,3,4, and 6, and the life steal on 7. This allows you to play up closer and deal much more damage in my opinion than a mere annoyance.

that’s a good point, although I prefer the more passive playstyle of disrupt and support. but thank you for the advice and feedback!

“Players are experiencing various levels of ‘woohooo!’ depending on the Battleborn.
Expect ‘woohooo!’ to be nerfed in the near future.
This will ensure that everyone has a more reliable ‘woo’ or ‘hooo!’, instead.” -someone at GB, probably ^_~

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