Ambra Help (Post-Nerf)

I have almost no idea how to use her. After using Orendi so much, I keep on accidentally using Sunspot as a burst AOE. Should I use them like Kleese’s Rifts and place them behind obstacles near minions? And I’m terrible at figuring out her Solar Wind and it’s range. I know she gets better with her easy to get legendary and mutations, but getting there? Any good Ambra’s out there?
This is my base build.

I just barely started aying Amnra about a week ago but I recommend grinding out her lore challenges in prefer to get her legendary as soon as possible.

As for my build I typically have two setups that I currently follow. 1. With a support (mostly Miko) on the team and 2. When I’m the only support

With support: (Just gonna type it out lol)
1R 2L 3L 4R 5L 6L 7M (if you have her legendary, if not: L) 8R 9R 10L

1L 2L 3L 4L (that’s a lot of lefts) 5L (wow) 6L (god damn) 7M or L (so close) 8R (it’s about time) 9L (here we go again) 10L… I never realized how much I stayed to the left side when I try to support mainly

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You need 3 middle to be good support. Fueling your sunspots is so strong.

Always buff you Sun Spots for support.
It is better to use them as support but they can help dps in fights or to get that last hit on a runner. I prefer the +16% dmg to enemies in most situations. But if the other team has a lot of stealth then I might use 1r - Illumination.
Mostly place Sun Spots out of firing site from the other team but also use them in a pinch. If an ally is in trouble drop a Sun spot on them. It might save their life.

Only use solar wind to fuel your heat.
You want to start any fight with enemy battleborn with full heat. Your melee with heat is your primary weapon against them. Once you expended your first round of heat you use solar wind to refuel and go back to melee.

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The numbers with the heat will be off because they nerfed it (and made it seem like they fixed a bug), but most of this guide still applies for overall strategy, etc

So here is what I do:

Level 1: Left. No contest.
Level 2: Left again. The other rely too much on having people right where you want them when you want them.
Level 3: Middle if I am healing, Right if I am not. Targeted heals are nice, but you are no Miko, and a healer getting hurt to heal the team isn’t a good option. Your sunspot heals minions as well, and debuffs the team. Love the sunspot.
Level 4: I like Middle because aiming is lame and it makes it easy to split enemy supports off their dps.
Level 5: Left.
Level 6: Left please.
Level 7: Middle if I am feeling feisty, Left if the other teams seems out to get me, Right if I wanna surprise people. I typically don’t even run her legendary, spend so much time healing that when I want to attack I am at full heat anyways.
Level 8: Left.
Level 9: Left for just support/annoyance. Right if I am needing to wave clear.
Level 10: Left for stun. Really only use my ult to make people clear out an area though. With no slow it is rare for anyone to get caught in it, but they will abandon a choke point fast.

A note: Used to fueling your sunspot made its heal ticks stronger (or at least it seemed to). This is no longer the case. Still -way- worth it though. Sunspots are amazing.

Thank you all. Apparently, I was trying to play her more DPS, than support, as I used to love Reyna and Kleese and then Orendi and Phoebe distracted me. The more laid back tactician feels a tad odd for her short beam range. I could see why they’re retooling her a lil bit.

I haven’t played ambra for a while, but I always had a strong preference for push back with her solar wind (can’t recall which level, like I said, it’s been a while). It is useful for crowd control, pushing minions and players to where you want them to be, such as out in the open, in front of a turret or back into your extension event when you reach level 5. Also, her legendary item is a must, gives her amazing (and surprising for the ill informed) range later in a match.

Good luck!

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I wrote a guide for her and actually opened a debate as well for tips of other ways to play her

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It really depends on what you want out of them. I will sometimes use them as extra damage because I take the 200 damage pop. However, 90% of the time you will set them up like kleese rifts behind an object when you are pushing.,1,1,1,1,1,0,-1,1,-1,

That is my usually but I play to kill and not that raggity old pure support nonsense. Her legendary is a must because it lets her do 132 damage a shot and fires fast. It’s the only reason you can use the fireballs.