Ambra hunters unite!

Can’t find any Ambras? Tired of doing stuff the hard way? Well I’m gonna hangout by the mid thralls when I play tonight.

Come get your kills. I won’t fight back. You could probably get that cool worthy of song title.

Originally I was very against anything like this but I’ve been told I’m wrong. In an effort to apologize, I’m handing out free kills.

Sorry if you land on my team but people really want some of these titles and we should be more considerate of them apparently.

They are going to change these lores. People can wait for that.

I was rather surprised to see you made this topic^^

I´ll post this paragraph in the other topic, since I think it fits there too:

To be honest, I think these lore-kill-issues are only problematic when people don´t communicate.
You want to chase that Ambra? Fine, but let your team know about it. Turn on the mic and ask/say/discuss your plan, so your mates can adapt to the situation and plan a tactic to compensate.
Same when you want to bait Gals & Alanis as Ambra. Let your team know you´re probably dead most time.

Communication is the key. Your team will know the situation. Thats a tactical advantage and you can give your team it in any case or situation.

And as far as I heard GBX will adress and change the challanges soon and reduce the kill number + let assists count. No hunting needed after that^^

The sarcastic and passive/aggressive nature of OP and the soon to be irrelevance of the post make this useless and strife causing. Roughly 5 days until a month has passed since the least update, meating this will only be important for a small number of days.

I’m sorry, I made it when I was upset and I was trying to prove a point that feeding kills doesn’t help the situation.

It came across wrong. You can delete this thread if you would like.

Well, I think the whole issue with lore-kills is a lack of patience & communication. Personaly I see these challenges as longtime grinds, but many want to solve them asap, which leads to further problems.

Next time you want to open an discussion write a less sarcastic OP, so its not misleading or provoking.
I´d also recommend to read our Forum Rules again.

If you want to make a point you´re welcome to do so, but make it clear, honest and without sarcasm.