Ambra Improvement

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that the Ambra subforum has dried up. Whether it’s because it’s rumored that she’s getting a buff down the road, or if it’s because so many have simply given up on her, I wanted to “bump” her entire character here on the forums, analyze her issues, and make suggested buffs, tweaks. +1 or -1 them, but just talk about her.

Weaknesses and suggested fixes:

  • Extremely limited range AND low damage. Yes, I know. Beaten to death.
    Please increase range/damage. If you must, remove auto-tracking and make it a more skill-based beam weapon.

  • Weak, limited healing via sunspots early on, and a helix-mandatory also mediocre healing. Combined, they still don’t equal other healers by default. Make her beam heal by default, and replace the healing helix or make it improve heal strength.

  • Make healing targets with staff generate heat.

  • Sunspots are too weak. Buff health, smaller hitbox, something!

  • Helix option where staff hits for more damage, but burns all heat at once: Increase damage / decrease animation time All of the hoopla is nowhere near worth the damage it puts out. Especially when you can take fireballs as an alternative, this one looks a bit shabby.

Other suggestions? I may come back with more.


Do something about her ult.

Extremely slow startup, along with a very obvious sign that it’s coming via giant red crystal? May as well have Nova announce to the enemy team: “Warning, Ambra is using her ultimate. You have 10 full seconds to run from it”

Not sure if I agree with your suggestions but I do think Ambra needs some adjustments. I loved playing her in the beta and at launch but after her nerfs I just feel like the skill cap is too high in pvp. Not to mention she is the target of two lore challenges. I think the problem with a lot of the support characters is they go against the current meta: to play as high damage characters with survivability. Which is why Ambra and Alani both got heavily nerfed, they weren’t being played as “support” characters.

I too would rather see her more support-like, hence my suggestion of built-in heal beam.

What I do want from Ambra:

Enhanced Sunspot efficiency (keep buffing these things, I love Heal Turrets)
Primary range to at least match Sunspots (Bonus if extending Sunspot Range increases hers, too)
Enhanced Ultimate (Either more damage, or less windup, or more effects added back on)

What I do not want from Ambra:
Sustain healing like Miko
Burst Healing like Alani
Skill Aiming for Primary

The only thing i’m against the heal beam built in not because its bad idea because its bad. draining my health to heal plus the auto aim i am healing when i want to attack aiding in my death really annoying when its a minion as well and attacking when i want to heal.

Have you actually used the beam to heal? The health loss is trivial. A bit more startup range would be awesome though, and I like the idea if having it be part of her base kit and the helix making it stronger.

I don’t think they will increase her damage with the beam, because it’s a 2-fer (damage + heal). Maybe they could make it so it does more damage at full health (actually, THAT would be a great replacement helix: while at full health, Ambras beam attack has x% increased damage).

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Hmm, that’s an interesting idea about extra damage at full health. I’d like her to have a helix option where you could increase damage at the cost of reducing her heal percentage. Either way, I think a slight primary damage increase, and better initial range for it would make Ambra fine.

Addition: sunspots need more health in general.

Yes i used the heal beam did you read my comment decribing my thoughts on the heal beam why would i even say that if i never use it?
Any lost in health is annoying when is going towards a minion becuase of the lock on and not towards attcking someone.

Because you could have drawn the conclusion based on the description. Furthermore, it is easy to use the healing beam without any health loss by dropping a sunspot. The health loss is not a factor.

Lower Radiant Halbert to level 3 or 4.
7 levels of poking enemies in their faces is simply atrocious!

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