Ambra is a champion again!

They buffed the hell outta Ambra and I am so frickin’ happy. I managed to play her decently well and now she’s got a bunch of huge buffs. GBX… thank you, but you know people are gonna start saying she’s OP again, right?


I too, am keen to take up Ambra again. Seems like she’s just gonna MAKE IT RAIN with Sunspots now. Reduced cooldown base AND the ability to reduce it further with heat strikes? Yowza.

She will be able to make SURE that EVERY shirt on Solus is TUCKED THE #$%^ IN!


My first thoughts about the cooldown reduction mechanic was to built around the Firmware Update 1.51C, if you know where I’m going with this :imp:

I had that same thought. Otoh, her legendary is so good. I’m not running two, unless also running a shard generator, which would leave no room for a piece of healing gear, which I want to have.

Ultimately, if my focus is on healing and sunspots, and I have her legendary, bringing up wind faster isn’t that important, and bringing up sunspots faster is unneeded, so the only thing it would really benefit is her ultimate.

Think I will stick to her legendary and a piece of healing gear instead.

[quote=“CharacterIV, post:2, topic:1541312, full:true”]Seems like she’s just gonna MAKE IT RAIN with Sunspots now.

Keep in mind, you’re still capped at 2 Sunspots (3 with helix) so it’s not like you can just blanket the field with them. The much lower CD just means that you’re going to be able to keep them up more often, especially in the thick of things.

Of course. But there’ll almost ALWAYS be two Sunspots on the field at any given time.

She’ll make it rain. Two drops at a time.

Honestly, I think this will make the 3 Sunspot helix a lot more useful since you might actually be able to throw them out crazy fast with some CD gear and enough face stabbing.

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Agreed. I think the +1 will be a more interesting option and it gives reason not to take radiant halberd at 7 (because you lose the ability to decrease the cooldown, esp if using her legendary).

Considering that they also cranked up the heat Generation from her primary Beam by 100%, it might be possible to run this without her Legendary.

I was thinking something like this build (with Flame Staff for Survival or Radiant Spear for full on DPS.)

As for gear, I’d say maybe

  • Firmware Upgrade 1.51C
  • Violent Ability Catalyst
    +9,10% Skill Damage
    +5,04% Attack Speed for 5 seconds after landing a Melee hit
    (714 Shards)
  • Healthy Remedy Box
    +14,00% Heal Power
    +9,80% Healing Received for 3 seconds after taking health damage
    (714 Shards)

Although you could also build around a shard gen, Firmware Upgrade and a good Epic item. Or mix in +Max Shields or more +Healing Received. Depends on personal preference, I guess.

I’m concerned that the range on her beam wasn’t increased. I’ll need to play her to be sure, but I don’t see Radiant Halberd + Legendary builds being surpassed by improved Sunspot cooldown. The extra healing increase to Sunspot is a clear buff though for any build. Left 2 and Middle 3 still looks like the mandatory choice for healing.

The challenge for Ambra Redux is that she’s going to be a melee healer in a game where melee DPS are lethal up close. This is why Halberd is so effective - she heals better when she can dictate her own battle range. Strategically this will still be true…

Edit: also, when considering her healing buffs, keep in mind the new prevalence of Wound. This is going to be an effective upgrade, but overpowered she won’t be. Kleese, on the other hand…


I’ll be sticking with her legendary and the solar sustainer.

Match made in heaven.

Yeah, that’s a dandy, but I don’t have it yet.

True Ambra players know level 3 you take her left helix

You’re joking, right?

If you are, it isn’t funny. If not, I sure am glad I’m not a “true Ambra player” and take her mutation instead.

No Im really not kidding it’s sad how many bad Ambras are on this game. So many people miss a lot of plays you can make turning her into a healer

the most insane thing i have read…sacrifice healing/damaging EVERYTHING around you for an single target heal?! no…no thank you. Ambra is not miko and should never be played like Miko. maybe you do this in PVP but in PVE this is a terrible choice IMHO…

Let me just say I never played Ambra before they changed her…so I am not sure what people mean when they say she was Nerfed and made worthless. She is by far the healer I am best with. She has no problem dancing around up front with the melee, her sunspots do great heals/damage (especially once I can heal them!!) her ranged attack is beast (108 a tick spammed at ANY range), and if she does get low she is auto-overshield and hasted (with helix). Love this monster of a healer as she is…anything else is just icing on her cake too me.

Oh by God no not in Pve. In incursion more specifically it allows her to help make a lot more plays in a coordinated 5 man team on taking sentrys. One example of her awesome healing is she can heal up a tank fast by using one sunspot and her heal beam together to be able to keep him on the front line pushing. While at the same time sunspots Cooldown fast enough to drop them on the minion wave that’s currently pushing into the enemy sentry. However in PVE I run her sunspot healing mutation

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sounds awesome! i dont really pvp much so ill never need that helix choice. i drop one sunspot to heal near me (i sustain it) then constantly throw off one or two extra up in the fight for dps and frontline heals…if someone needs more healing then they can come stand by my happy ass :wink:

I don’t take the heal beam for several reasons (and I’d respectfully claim that I’m not a “bad Ambra”):

  • Stellar Ritual makes sun spots more useful early, when they need it, and continues to make them more efficient lategame, when Ambra should switch to ranged harassment with the Halberd
  • the healing beam shares the awful range and clunky lock-on of her regular beam - with even a hint of latency, it becomes wildly unreliable (I’m Australian, so this is a major consideration)
  • taking the healing beam makes the draining beam harder to use offensively, because it will now quite happily jump to friendly players when you’re trying to tag a runner with it. By the same token, unlike Miko, your heal beam targets enemies as well as friendlies. This can easily go horribly wrong
  • the beam adds a clunky tool to Ambra (a subpar, low-range heal beam) that scales badly as she switches into her late-game ranged play. While more tools are good, it’s just as viable to add a second team support who specializes in spot healing (Alani, Miko, Reyna) and thus take Stellar Ritual to capitalize on Ambra’s distinct speciality, which is AE sustain healing at chokepoints

You may disagree with any or all of these points, but I think they’re valid, and certainly those of us who prefer Stellar Ritual are not “bad”. So wash your filthy hands.

Ambra is a great support now and will be even better after the patch.