Ambra is a Meltdown Goddess

So I started playing as Ambra today, and the way I like to do a new character is run them through Void’s Edge and/or a couple of other story missions until I’ve unlocked all their lore and hit rank 12. I found Ambra played ok, but definitely was not one of my favourites and her lore got done before I even hit rank 9. So I decided to do a bit of Meltdown and holy crap! It’s like she was made for it!

Her Staff of Radiance has a pretty moddest target acquisition as all it takes is having a target relatively lined up with the center of the screen and you can suck away their health like none the wiser. The closer you can get to them makes it harder for them to catch on they are being snacked on (being first person and all). Granted it takes a bit of practice to adjust your alignment to accommodate when they “try” to run away, but I have even gotten a few First Bloods because of it. On the surface, the attack doesn’t look all that lethal and players seem to largely underestimate how much quicker and more accurately it can suck away their health and by then it’s often too late, especially for players that are slower than Ambra.

Then you have her Sunspots. I like to drop them close together midway up a Minion lane and maybe behind some geometry to make it harder for enemy players (that are trying to cover the lane from way back on their side) to take them out but still within range so that Minions will take damage from them. At the same time, they double as a portable healing station with a very quick cooldown on reuse allowing you to stick around where the action is at for longer. If stuff is going south though I can retreat back a bit and drop a fresh Sunspot to heal, as with the right helix build it will heal faster than those crappy healing stations.

With just these alone you can control a whole lane provided your opponents don’t flat out gang up on you. I found people got super jumpy as soon as their health starts going down especially the ones that seem to care more about getting player kills than killing minions :open_mouth:

I’m also a fan of Solar Wind, which isn’t amazing when it comes to damage, but heats your staff up super quick allowing for extra melee damage. I like to start with a Solar Wind attack on a group of minions already getting hammered by x2 Sunspots and then clear them out with charged Sun Strikes. If you have unlocked Radiant Halberd at level 7, you then have a mini-nova cannon at your disposal for those annoying targets that stay just out of the range of your staff’s drain effect :wink:

And she was nerfed right? Wow she must have been insane before :astonished:

I definitely recommend giving her a try in Meltdown. She can clear out minions quickly allowing you to focus on pushing back cocky players that think they can own you by themselves. Even 2 player teams (depending on the combination) can have a hard time dealing with Ambra up close. But be weary of CC effects! Thankfully her manuverability is really good and you can weave around such obstables and still suck away at an enemy’s health!

The only downside is that right now is that every Alani is out for blood :disappointed_relieved:


Yes yes everyone should play ambra in meltdown (goes to select gal)


I’ve found Ambra is a good choice against Gallilea/Rath types, you stay just out of their melee spam attack range and still be able to suck their health away with your staff.

By the sounds of this post they must have reversed some of the ninja nerfs to the tracking of her primary and therefore her healing beam at level 3 which is good to hear haha (prior to the last hotfix I had to almost be in melee strike range to initiate her primary hence her effectiveness against melee users) I have her mastered but still like her playstyle Just hoping for her primary range and the slow on the ult to be restored as both of those nerfs were unjustified in my humble opinion.

May I ask what gear types you use with Ambra? I cannot settle on any combination yet haha since her legendary feels almost mandatory.

Oh her ult is super slow, I barely use it. I wouldn’t know about the nerfs since I never played her before yesterday. What I might see as amazing might be considered nerfed to a veteran Ambra player, but I’ve played about 12 different characters and she has by far been the most effective for Meltdown. It could have just been a good night, but I do remember finishing on a match where we got absolutely smashed so it’s not like I’m saying she’s OP just really good if you use her right.

As for gear, lately I haven’t been really too focused on getting serious loadouts since I have been switching characters every time I level/unlock them past a certain point.

Right now I’m using +Skill Damage, zero cost +Bonus Shards with -Reload Speed, and +HealthRegen (just so I’m always recovering a bit of health at any given moment). I think if I were to go for a serious Ambra specific build I’d focus on Skill Damage and Movement/Sprint Speed so I can hit a little harder and also can catch up to players that run away just before you are about to kill them.

Ambra’s Ult is good for area denial. Drop it somewhere to keep others out. Or you can drop it on a group of slow moving minions and then block them so they stop in the midst of it.


One place I have tried and successfully used it is when you are leading Minions to the second grinder and you have players trying to shoot you from up on the sides where the Thumper turrets are in Paradise. Start up your ult there and often they will just stand there and take the full force of it without realising. Did I mention you can also sit right under same said Thumper Turrets and suck their health away with your staff and optionally a Sunspot? Seriously she was born for this mode XD

She totally kicks butt, I agree. But I disagree about her Ultimate. It is absolutely amazing. If you want te deal damage place it BEHIND players (like quite a bit) and push them into it by stabbing them like an idiot. They will not like it very much and run right into it.

You can also place it right infront of them and you will control the entire area (if they pay attention, which they should). Denying them the area. Amazing for scaring off Rath/Galilea. It’s even better in incursion though. You can use it to push through corners/base entrances because players will often retreat when they see that delicious shard of death. With the level 10 stun it gets even better. But try to trick people with it or control space.

EDIT: I would also like to say her ‘exploding sun orbs’ helix is amazing. I usually go stabby-stab and place it in the direction they flee to when people chicken out. It almost always instantly kills them. Also nice for clearing minion waves. (With the 50% sunspot health it will do absurd damage)


That’s how I used to play in the CTT but now I miss the healing effect too much to go all Roy Mustang on the opposing team.

I also find that people sprint out of an Extinction Event until the meteor hits but I get semi-regular damage over time kills so it either glances them or they run back into the fire and toast their feet. I find this additional (and slightly more subtle) threat useful so I don’t always pick the Extinction Event stun helix.