Ambra is actually a GREAT healer/support

I just unlocked her lvl 12 mutation last night and OMG is it good. It allows her to heal her sunspots!!! So good! As long as they are not getting attacked one can target MANY allies and enemies and you can still keep up healing. I even had both out targeting people and keeping them up! Only problem is her sunspots are sooooo squishy but in campaign at least it is not bad at all! I have not tried pvp yet. It is sooooo good in crowds of enemies. Get the extra range and extra health helix (who needs the cool down Helix when you can keep it up?!).


Using the lv12 mutation in pvp maps is not worth the trade off. Many Range based players will pick off your sunspots as soon as they see them

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Actually (at least in incursion). I find it the best option. I just put it in more hidden spots. I mean the other two I don’t find too useful. Who uses basic attack to heal yourself?


It’s a bit of a stretch, but using the staff drain when shard gathering will get you a little health back, though it will break the crystals slower than using other attacks.

I just got out of an incursion match where I decided to try the sunspot build after unlocking Ambra’s lvl 12 mutation. At some point near the beginning of the match, someone complained that we had a bad team comp with no real healer. Here’s a screenshot of the score screen at the end where you can see Ambra’s numbers vs their Miko’s.

No real healer my ass.


lol most supports (besides Miko) don’t really come online and start healing until a few levels in (for Kleese, it’s that heal chair at 5) after that they can keep up with, if not pass Miko in heals. The problem isn’t that the characters can’t do it, it’s that most people playing them don’t spec for it, and don’t do it.

I love it when someone does though, the other team always seems so confused


She gets it at level 3 then she is a healing BEAST!!! It is CLEARLY the best option especially when you are only healer on the team.


No it’s not. Honestly her heal beam is amazing even at the cost of her own life, esp. with the legendaries I use in my build. Also consider this: taking the heal beam and combining it with sunspot bonus healing per second, you can redirect your healing toward an ally and effectively double your heal values on them, or effectively extend your sunspot’s range, provided you need to.


I guess everyone has their own play style. I like healing sunspots to do both constant group damage and healing.


It’s just terrible that you have to get her so high to gain access to that mutation, and even while healing it with the sunspot health upgrade, it STILL dies really fast.

I know right?!? When I first got it I was just really wondering why Ambra didn’t have this all along!

Completely unrelated, but what skin is your ambra wearing. i like it

I got it from a Jennerit loot pack. It’s called “Absolution” and I love it too! I’ve seen that color scheme on other heroes as well, but I find i looks best on her.

How are you pouring heals out that much. Tried playing her multiple time (she’s lvl 5 now) and can’t seem to clear much of 30k heals per games.

I’m using her Sunspot build, for which you need her level 12 mutation. This will allow you to feed your sunspots with your staff, generating healing to everyone around it (including minions). It takes a while to get there but it’s a badass build :slight_smile:


I don’t suppose you have a link or gear selection for said build? I’ll be getting Reyna’s mastery tomorrow so I’ll have to move on to Ambra as my next support character.

I don’t know if there’s a website that allows you to link builds but I can list what I use here:
(based on this:

Helix tree:
1- Sunspotter
2- Blessing of the Sun
3- Stellar Ritual
4- Radiant Gale
5- Cauterization
6- Agile Anomaly
7- Flame Staff (Some people like to use Radiant Halberd, I like survivability)
8- Fan the Flames
9- Howling Wind
10- Impact Crater


  • Epic Massage Bots (+11.54% heal power +23.07 shield recharge per second)
  • Legendary Shard of Jennar (+5.69% Skill Damage +5.69% Heal Power Staff regenerates its own heat) Ambra’s Legendary from lore completion
  • Legendary Voxis Core (+108 Max Shield Str +3.25% Skill Damage Enemies near target of skill take 15% of the damage dealt to the target)

This is probably not the optimal way to build her, but I haven’t really farmed missions all that much for gear and this is what’s been working for me so far. I hope it helps ^.^


I would assume this would be for PvE. I believe it wouldn’t be very viable for PvP having 2 legendary pieces.

I rarely PvE. In fact, I don’t think I’ve tried this build in PvE yet. This isn’t a capture friendly loadout (which I never play) but works great in Meltdown and Incursion.

I just unlocked this but mine is bugged. It’s suppose to buff the healing per second but mine is the same