Ambra is so broken now, lol

All you have to do is put down a sunspot, hold down right trigger and barely anyone can kill you. She’s going to get nerfed. Hard.


I totally agree. I just hate that she requires no effort or skill to play and still deals out an insane amount of damage.

I think if they just nerfed her healing beam, it would be enough

Yeah, I’ve been wrecking with her. The only counter that I’ve seen is a Miko that is constantly healing a Montana. I got shut down by that combo.

She’s a SUPPORT class. If she can currently do support/dps/tank due to be overpowered, her healing abilities are NOT the one that should be nerfed (or at the very least, not more than partially).
One could argue that self healing isn’t support, but you’re just going to transform her from an OP character to a strong DPS that now need a healer to stay alive.
GBX needs to nerf her in a way that make her go back as a support class choice, not a as a offensive choice…

I’m not saying nerf her healing beams healing power. Nerf it’s damage so she is forced to be more of a support

Oh, I understood it as “nerf her healing”. If you’re asking for a nerf of the damage then I’m fine with it :).

Makes sense, I worded it wrong. I just think Ambra does way too much damage for a “support” class

I love Ambra, but I agree on a nerf.

I average 20-2 on meltdown and 30-5 on incursion. I mean she can out dps the dps class and out tank the tank classes. Her sunspots are not too op but if you combine it with her dmage output and staff healing via channel damage or physical strikes (giant self heal) then on top of it her fire shield is just insane. Basically reck house and then when her fire shield kicks in +60% movement speed drop sunspots and recover.

It is awesome baiting tanks or melee guys into close range and dropping a meteor and shock wave on em. Melts them every time.

I don’t want them to nerf her into the ground like they did phoebe tho. I just want her to be moved back to a support class.

I don’t think she is a good support class usually 60% of my healing totals are to myself. Besides her sunspots what else can she do for the team? The sunspots fade so fast I don’t think they are effective or maybe I’m to busy to notice them helping anyone else but me or the minions it heals.

She has an autoaim attack that deals decent damage, converts it 100% into life and never has to reload. 450 auto overshield (so far as I know you can’t bypass this with shield bypassing skills) just for being there. As well as a move that deals damage and heals.
Okay, we have all that and that means she can kill or nearly kill every single person in the game 1 on 1. Put her in a group and you have an autohealing, team healing/whilst damage dealing character that never reloads, that can stay back and every attack will autohit. That is really, really broken. Makes every up and close character (minus the also broken Galilea) completely worthless.

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Eh…she was dangerous in the closed technical test where the sunspots actually healed past 70 and never went away unless u destroyed them, and it gave the benefits her mutations give her at the start. Lately I’ve been seeing an increase of Ambra players on the opposing team going on high kill streaks only for me to end them when I face her one on one as either Deande, Galilea, or Melka. I don’t necessary agree with the nerf concept as she was way more powerful in the technical test and now she can be countered by stuns,( like Deande’s first mutation which gives a knock up effect to her last melee combo…and interrupts enemies) ranged attackers who kite her far enough from her ray ( Benedict can easily do this, Orendi…hell any long ranged attacker) If these complaints persist and actually get her nerfed to where she can’t defend herself since they already screwed up her sunspots then no one would really pick her. I’m on PS4 currently level 45 with a large amount of EXP playing with Deande,Galilea ,Ambra and Melka, and i’d say out of the four Melka is the most dangerous one. Feel free to pm me on the PS4 or on here if you want me to say anymore regarding this mater as I feel all characters in this game…(aside from whisky foxtrot and toby who I think need…serious buffs) are completely fair and balanced. Anyone stating otherwise doesn’t know how to counter and as such deem them OP and unkillable.

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Sorry bout double posting…my ps4 ID is SaintMikalz

A small nerf maybe. I think making it so her auto shield doesn’t buff speed so much and she can’t self heal with regular sunspots. Her counter is high damage shots. If you get her low then do enough damage to kill without pricing that shield it doesn’t spawn

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The fix is simple, use the overheat.

When the heat tops off, you must land melee strikes/ fire off minor nova shots/heal a friendly to dissipate the heat before you can use the staff lifesteal ability again.

Change nothing else about the damage, healing, etc. or any other mechanics, just change that one thing and see how it pans out.

Any other fix would be halfassed and

I think maybe decrease the range of her life steal beam by 25% and lower the strength of her flame shield by 200 HP.

Her flame shield isn’t terribly powerful as is. A good Marquis or Rath can take it out with little to no effort. Lowering the range of the beam isn’t a bad idea, or even possible require better aim with it. I’m not talking Ghalt’s hook accurate, but I probably shouldn’t be able to hit enemies that have left my view.

Also, I just went 20 - 0 with her and got a pretty lewd message insulting me for using a broken character. Gotta love it.

Its kind of true though sirisaac. Ive stopped using her. Theres just no skil and she is way to easy. Not even fun to play her. But this is what betas are for im sure theyll fix her.

Edit: I think crummysaint is on to something!

I normally use Deande/Mellka, but the previous matches I kept getting quitters and AFKers so I picked a character that could hold her own. Not to mention, it’s not a reason to insult people. I’ve had to fight her plenty of times.