Ambra liquified? Thoughts?

So with the day one massive nerf to Ambra, I somehow feel as though there is little to no point to choosing her. When I played her I couldn’t kite due to her short range, couldn’t heal reliably due to sunspots cooldown and low health, and could barely sting enemy players with her beam. It makes her melee attacks absolutely essential to do any work, but against anyone with CC or that could kite at a range, it can’t land. I ended up finding Miko far better both as a healer and damage dealer. It doesn’t feel like she has anyplace on any team, and it sucks to have one fewer battleborn to enjoy. I’ve yet to see a single Ambra score higher than an 8 in any match, and many disconnect halfway through. Any thoughts on her current state?

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In my opinion Ambra is still way too strong, it is possibly just her character design is just flawed similar to something like a yorick. One slight buff makes the character too strong and nerfs make them too weak meaning their design just wasn’t that great in comparison to the game. In comparison to miko she is insane. Her heals,damage, range,and INSANE surviability make her almost nonsensical. Since i’ve played i’ve seen many pre-made and competitive teams still abusing her along with galil. Ambra is just plain out ridiculous if there was a 1v1 map there is no outplaying her she heals while doing tons of damage is not an eldrid character so has an shield, zones you, bursts, then gets incredible movement speed and shield when near death. She is literally a troll machine.

no offense to the gentleman that replied before me, but if anyone is having issues against ambra at this point, you may not be a very experience fps player. unless you are way overextended on a thorn or marquis, she really is just kind of there. miko, a straight support character, out dps her, out cc her, obviously way outheals her, literally better in every single measurable category other than perhaps escape due to flame shield. they took her from being overpowered, to balanced, to just flat out below average. i warned everyone about this stuff back in the ctt when they started nerfing phoebe. it would never stop there. then they messed with stuff, made gali and ambra too strong and phoebe meh, then made ambra not viable and phoebe still just ok.
now they nerfed gali, and rightfully so in light of the other nerfs. game would have been fine if they had the first nerf phoebe in the ctt, left rath alone, this gali nerf leaves her in a good place, and then the first ambra nerf only. then you would have literally like 5 options for strong characters in regards to player kills. when you constantly nerf the strong dps characters, you are left with tank characters being really unchecked. then the ranged characters just sit in the back unchallenged as well. not really happy with this version of the game thus far. and on a side note, the new meltdown map is atrocious. please stop voting for it, guys. it only gets voted for like 1 out of 10 games, but it is unplayable for me personally. too many long corridors and open spaces makes melee characters very unimpactful unlike paradise, which makes all characters extremely viable in type


well there’s no consensus on her OP’ness vs her UP’ness…

Balance? Pretty close I think. She can be useful in the right hands or she can be dead weight in the wrong hands.


Yeah I can’t say I’ve had as much fun with the current state of the game, and I agree about ambra being fairly well balanced after her first nerf. Tanks are by far the worst to deal with, especially Boldur when he gets his Overshield and a stun simultaneously. I can’t weigh in on the state of the game prior to Open Beta but I wish the devs would have more confidence in their original choices and stop listening to players who whine because the dps is out dpsing their pusher. I’ve had relative success with Rath’s current state after adopting him as my primary melee character and find him fairly well balanced in my opinion. I do wish they would revert Ambra to a state closer to where she was before the day one nerf, because where she is now, is worthless.


Dead weight more often than not. I’ve come to dread having her on my team almost as much as I dread a Toby. There still seems to be a huge bias (for lack of a better word) against her as she was seen as unbelievably too strong in the start of Beta, which I suppose I would lend to the reason for her day one nerf. Perhaps a new kit in general would be in order if nothing can place her in a well balanced state that the community can agree upon.

16-3, 19-2, among many other good games with ambra tonight. I was worried that they had nerfed her too much, but I don’t think that’s the case. She is def noticeably less powerful, but still viable. I find more so that I have to make sure my abilities are off cool down and use her “heat” to finish off players; which makes you think a lot more to be good with her. Flame shield is still awesome and is still very easy to have low deaths with her, especially with the movement speed helix option.

I honestly think she’s in a great place. And this is coming from a huge ambra fan boy


Sounds like previous bandwagoners can’t face roll with her anymore and are upset. Now she requires some thought to use. Nice changes.


No offense but wouldn’t being a huge Ambra fan boy mean your opinion is more skewed, not less? Lol I know its just semantics but it seems silly.

Lol I meant it more like I’m a fan boy of her beta state.


Lol alright I see what you mean now

I played with her yesterday and yes, she feels bit weak atm…

But I need to play with her more, maybe I just sucked haha…

Where can I see patch notes ? What exactly has been nerfed ?

Well Stealthshampoo pretty much mains Ambra but is okay with the changes, so the character certainly isnt in a bad place.

Just here:

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Wow, I haven’t unlocked her yet, haven’t even played much PvP yet b/c she was one of the characters I wanted to unlock first, but just reading the patch notes the problem is obvious - these are MAJOR nerfs, not little balance adjustments. They reduced her staff AND wind damage by 34 & 33% - that’s crazy. There’s gear in the game where an upgrade is like 1%, the max bonus to major stats you’re gonna get is 10% for a legendary, but in one ‘balance pass’ they’re gimping a character’s damage by 1/3? She’s not a straight healer, she’s about zone control - they said it themselves w/ the first nerf - so how could she fill that role if she’s not a serious threat? The point of her staff & her wind is that you HAVE TO run away from it unless you can tank or you have a dedicated healer. If she locks onto your healer, you’re too close, b/c she CONTROLS A ZONE.

When they reduced her staff range I was like, hey, that totally makes sense. But you take away 1/3 of her staff damage (so also 1/3 of her lifesteal), and 1/3 or her burst damage - not 1/5, not even 1/4, but 1/3 - you’re completely changing the character. A lot of ppl greatly exaggerated Ambra’s ability to influence a match: “You have Ambra & they don’t and you win.” No, you’re thinking of Miko, the self-sustaining dedicated healer who is practically a requirement, and the only answer for not having him on your team when the other team does is a good Ambra. If they were gonna gimp her damage output by that much then they need to make her sunspots heal more or something, b/c it completely changes & limits her role, & there’s no reason to not just use a good healer instead.

I’m having horrible flashbacks of Evolve, where a character goes from being powerful, maybe needing a few adjustments, to no longer being viable in competitive play b/c players who don’t know how to counter them complain constantly.


Yeah I agree. Without Ambra as a viable choice, it leaves Miko as the only reliable healer in the entire game. As someone who always likes to play healers, this is absolutely unacceptable in a roster of 25 heroes. I know we have Alani on the way, but that isn’t any excuse for the day one state of the game. I actually would have been fine with say, a 10% nerf to her damage, since she still felt so potent, but playing her again today for a few matches I found no way to make a noticeable impact on the match. When I can’t handle a single basic minion by myself without sustaining 1/4 damage, as well as have little to no reliable heals to give out outside of her heal beam augment (which damages you anyway), I found no success in controlling an area and had to consistently run at the sight of even an Oscar Mike or Marquis. I don’t have any desire to use her in the current state, and I have yet to see someone in game who does with a measure of success.


If I may, disregarding the other stuff, in terms of her being a healer I’ve heard that her tier 3 mutation “Stellar Ritual” causes her to rival Miko for the spot of top healer.

Very true

Ambra player here, I still feel she is quite overpowered. Even with the nerfs, I’ve tallied off many matches where I have flat out dominated. Her multi-sunspot damage beam combo maker her undualable vs a most characters.

I guess it does take a bit of skill to thoroughly utilize her, but she is by far and away the best character I’ve played with.

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Agreed. I was starting to think I must’ve been the best Ambra player in the world there for a second; with many people saying she is underpowered and what not.