Ambra needs a buff

Honestly, I mained her in the beta and I used to main her, but she has gone through 3 major nerfs since the beta. She heals by far the least amount compared to miko/Alani and when kleese hits lvl 5 he outheals her then.

She doesn’t need a huge buff, her damage is around where it should be, but her support ability needs to be increased. Problem is she has 1 healing option, her sunspots. but they latch onto anything around them and drain way way to fast. Even if you manage to get 1 teammate aside for the heal it wont heal them to full. The only way to buff her healing currently is with gear and her helix mutations by chosing to refill the sunspot or to do a direct heal with her staff, but both are to weak.

I propose 1 change that would fix her and not make her op at all.

Make her sunspots infinite. They would be similar to Kleese’s shield generator, heal constantly and do damage but easily killed. Heck you can even make it so the amount of targets that are within range decreases dmg/heal.

As of right now though I put her on the backburner, shes neither a good damage dealer needing to be in melee range, nor a good support.

There are lots of discussion about this, including ones I opened, please reply back there or in others. There are lots of Ambra discussions lately, dont make the mistakes I did with opening unnecessary topics that already around.

I would have posted in one of those threads but I do not see any of the ones you talk about. Sorry.

Hit search, type “Ambra nerf”. Fortuna has been going thread to thread letting people know to staaaahhhp duplicating! Save her her headache :stuck_out_tongue: and the mods, the poor mods…
Also I agree she needs a buff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please check for an existing thread before hitting that ‘new topic’ button, thankyou.

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