Ambra needs buffs

Ambra needs to be buffed, it’s unreal how many nerfs she got and no one asked for them. Beta Ambra was pretty powerful I understood that but afterwards the nerfed her damage and range even harder. Then they removed the slow from her ult? Really? I say bring the slow back to her ult.


To be fair, half the playerbase was screaming for a nerf during beta.
I do agree that taking the slow away from an AoE with a long cast time is an unnecessary loss, but I disagree that she needs any sort of buff. Ambra has huge survivability even now but pays for that with low damage and short range, that makes her a perfect supporter. Any buff would push her back to the point of “OP” and we’d be back at square one.

Fair enough but the slow needs to come back it’s the only thing that made hitting with the ult possible. Anyone can see the giant red ass thing and know to run the hell away from it


That much I couldn’t agree with more :slight_smile:

The damage on the tether attack is too low now. I feel like I’m smacking someone with one of those swimming pool floaters. I’ve run up to characters that were low on health and failed to secure the kill with it, which is ludicrous. At close range it should hit hard.

She has low damage, short range, and no stun which puts her behind other support so-called characters, especially Alani. She can become really good later in levels, but its difficult to get the kills at low level when people can run out of your range so easily. Ironically, the way she becomes good is using her legendary and the mini-nova mutation which turns her into a hard hitting ranged character.

Ambra’s Sunspots are going to be getting buffed soon. The character is being reworked so that more focus is on her Sunspots from what I was told. Especially on the healing side of things. No idea what they plan on doing exactly but that’s what I took away from a conversation with one of the developers.


Solar wind is the best way to finish guys I only use the beam after I use solar wind to get some extra damage in and if that’s not enough I run off

I agree, she needed reworks not nerfs. She got nerfed 3 times and now I hardly see her which is funny seeing as so much lore revolves around her wonder why that is.


Deleted previous post because i just repeated myself. But seriously I hope GBX is looking at usage rates and realizing why no one is playing Ambra right now. I can still utilize her but they just keep nerfing her left and right for no apparent reason.

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Not sure how I feel about this. Her sunspots are reasonably balanced right now and worked well with her pre-nerf loadout. I dislike the idea of her utility revolving completely around sunspot cooldown as opposed to sunspots being a useful compliment to her other abilities. I agree that sunspot healing and damage is kinda pathetic but it worked fine when her heal beam had decent range and the first damage nerf put her in an ok place in my opinion. Oh well, guess we will see but I haven’t really played much lately as I feel the game has lost a lot of it’s fun due to Alani and poorly handled balance passes.

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Ambra used to be my main, she hasn’t been touched by me in weeks now because of how garbage she is. She is by far the worst support in the game, heals almost nothing, melee range, weak damage etc. They need to increase the damage on her beam a little, make it longer, and fix the sunspots as they are utterly useless, heals less than one teammates healthpool and if there is anything more than one person around it, it will pop pretty much immediately without doing anything! Only way currently to get a decent sunspot is to take the helix to refill them, but god forbid if theres anything more than 2-3 people near it it will go burst away. Compare that to kleese’s shield rift, infinite, can be put in lane to do damage and give shields to teammates etc.

The thing I hate the most about the sunspots are the fact that you have to pull someone aside from the battle so they get the best use of it.

She is labeled a support but has almost no support capabilities. In terms of support utility Kleese is a far better choice at the moment for a AoE support.

Her beams trigger range needs to be buffed I’m fine with the damage but the trigger range for tethers is pretty crap

Agree completely. As of now she has been nerfed to be a horrible support character with a subpar DPS. Sure survivability is OK due to overshield, but it seams they wanted her to be bait for Galilea and Alani, so nerfing her would help with that.

If GBX wants her to be support: needs to improve healing for sunspots; Solar wind should be able to heal allies as well; make sunspots able to be picked up for burst heal/damage if someone walks through it and give sunspots ability to slow/haste when that happens, as Alani’s wave attack (even Miko has a slowing attack); instead of command sacrifice with 30% penalty for direct heals make her have a burst heal depending on her “Heat” level. Also her Radiant Spear becomes very slow becomes unusable, they should make those melee attacks a little faster… these changes would make her a much better support character without touching her damage output too much.

if you go with a wider range and larger health pool for the sunspots you can keep them alive for quite a long time. i usually stay behind my team pop a sunspot and just put my beam on the sunspot to keep everyone up. if an enemy player get cocky and pushes forward a good thing to do is invest in solar winds to push enemies back you can either keep them away or be a real jerk and swoop behind them and push them out of their comfort zone for your team mates to kill. This was 2 days ago, I was able to keep people alive and swoop in on kills.

Also their Miko was at 64K total healing and i was about 2000-2500 shy from his score.

What buffs are you asking for? Rumor has it Ambra’s sunspots are getting buffed. But why? They already do so much.

You’ve probably played more games with ambra than I-never touched her in beta- but i am surprisingly shocked by her ability to sustain in lane. To me, she is alani good but short to mid range instead of mid to long.

The buffs I want:
Sunspots need it bad they just don’t burst as well as the other supports
The slow on her ult needs to return its the only thing that made hitting with it possible it has a 5 second cast time and a giant ass red thing in the center of it

The one thing I love about ambra is that sweet solar wind😀

They made her heat basically 50% less effective for burst damage with this latest patch. This is the only thing I think needs to be reverted. With her heat the way it was she was still very strong. Still viable but no where near the burst she once had.

The worst part about her ult is that characters like thorn can do the damage her ult does almost instantly

I honestly never even realized her ult slowed. The heat is what’s killing me now as an Ambra main. Her primary DPS is the lowest in the game by far and solar winds DPS is as much as Mikos primary attack. Her heat made up for all that, along with her sustain/survivability, but now the heat sucks :frowning:

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