Ambra needs love

Wondering if others feel that the Ambra nerf went too far?
Personally I think they nerfed her a bit too much. Sure maybe she was a beast, but now, she’s hardly that fun or useful anymore. Especially with Alani as an option.

I think she needs more range/dmg returned to her primary beam, and perhaps a bit more health or power to her sunspots.

For her to do damage, she has to essentially jump right into the fray, and doing so many other enemies can quickly destroy her.
I feel like I need to be right on top of enemies to reach them with my life steal beam, and it’s so minimal of a drain that they simply kill me with ease.

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Ambra’s sunspots are going to be getting some love. Don’t you worry. :slight_smile:

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Are you working in GBX? You should be.

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I’d love to work for Gearbox. There’s a lot of things I’m not good at. A lot of things I’m okay at. But what I am really good at are ideas. Ideas are my thing.


If you’re really good at ideas, maybe you can make youtube reviews/gameplays? Maybe even for battleborn. Just an idea from me haha.

Her damage is pretty good. She has decent sustain damage on her primaries but when you unload those secondary crits with full heat you can destroy people. Especially early game.

She definitely needs some work done to her sunspots though. The combination of them having no hp and killing themselves slowly to damage/heal anything just makes them far too short lived even with the increased health helix.