Ambra needs Rebalanced

So her damage seems to be on the right track now but since she has taken these nerfs you can now see why her other components are even more important. Some of the old nerfs from beta need no longer be applied to her now.

  1. Now that she is not doing as much damage you can let her range to latch on with her main attack increase. I should not have to run into melee range to start attacking a character anymore!

  2. Her sun spots suck at healing, now that she is not stealing a lot of health you are more dependent on these. I know you will say they aren’t as good as other healers because they can get multiple targets. I am SUPER lucky if i get two characters in one sun spot (without the increase helix choice, what why would you take because of other problems inherent with sun spots?) and Kleeses helix chair upgrade that can heal party members around him for way more then these sun spots can (yes i know it unlocks late game for him in his helix but ambra should have something like that because her crappy +30% healing helix buff is still falling short of good) Also these sun spots often get taken down in area effects attacks or by minions who see them (what would be nice if they were not damaged by area attacks and ignored by minions but you cant have everything) so its impossible to put them up front in a team battle making them more useless.

  3. Her ultimate having a delay now seems pointless, especially after the two times she has been nerfed with an overall 30% less damage. Like Oscar mikes giant area effect missile down poor has no delay time, why does ambra’s have to? I can not imagine that it is still doing that much damage. It does not have a crowd control like deande delayed ultimate does, so just why is this still a thing? I find this a really annoying thing that i only effectively get to hit with half the time.

I think if these three things are fixed ambra would continue being a great support character but as she is now i will no longer touch her as a support character.


I definitly agree that her healing teammates could be better


I played Ambra alot during beta and I have to say she needs to be looked at again.
Maybe a 34% decrease in damage was a bit much. I feel basically useless at this point.
Even taking player skill into account it seems it was a bit heavy handed. In beta I had major kills going which was fun, but now I can’t even take on someone at half health alone.
If balance is what is intended then maybe reduce the reduction to 15-20%. She just feels crippled at this point.

I will continue to play her as I enjoy her skill set, but it hurts.

EDIT: Even the minions…the little bird things take forever to kill now with the staff.

IMHO She is not meant to be another Miko (which I also play) but a varied char more along the lines of Reyna. A DPS/Healer as a balance to a DPS/Buffer…like Klease is to Miko. Her DPS is just to gimped now and it is made worse that without the legendary item from her lore she is melee. For her to get close she needs damage and some healing.
I feel her damage was fine before, but maybe lower her healing % a bit…or lower her dps a bit from where it was and keep the % the same.

Those of us that love Ambra though…lets keep testing and giving feedback. I have faith Gearbox will work it out in time.


Where can you see the patch notes?

Here is Ambra’'s.
-Reduced Staff of Radiance beam damage by 34%
-Reduced damage of Radiant Wind by 33%
-Reduced Left Helix Augmentation Cauterization movement speed gain to 30%

For other characters look in news section. I believe it is called something like the may update

Yeah it was fun being Ambra’getting heals and kills, but now she does not very much damage and doesn’t heal near as much as Miko. Now that she doesn’t damage much maybe buff her healing to make her a great support. Right now she isn’t really great at anything so someone else is always a better choice depending on what you need.

I don’t disagree with any of this, but I’ve managed to find myself a good place on team as Ambra with my defensive approach. I believe she was always meant to be a generalist, not a main healer type, though it would be nice if there were helix options to put her back on the front lines and be somewhat competitive with Miko as a tank buddy. As it stands, she’s best as a patient defender and strategist in PVE and incursion maps.

The OP has some strong points. Ambra’s subpar damage combined with the fact you have to go into melee range to attack someone is just bad. She needs her range restored to what it use to be back in open beta, or damage l/life steal increased. Nerfing both was too hard of a hit.

Trying to play Ambra as a healer is also a pain because the range for damage also applies to her heals. If the damage range has to remain the same on her staff, at least increase the healing range of the staff.

Finally, give her a slow or stun in her helix on the sunspots to at least help with survivability when she is in melee, you know, since her current kit constantly puts her there.

She a close ranged character though her melee when it has heat is her deal tool.
they nerf the range because she could just kite people and they would never catch up.

She is my favorite character and besides Kelvin, she’s the only one I like. They just need to put her back to what she was after her 1st nerf in the beta, but until they do fix her I refuse to play this game.

Don’t agree with you at all, I have played Ambra the most by far since launch and have the master of Ambra title, I think she’s more than fine as she is. I think the idea of her being nerfed has done more damage than her actual nerf, people think she’s useless at this point, she’s anything but useless.

Like many characters it takes a while to grasp the complexities of her strengths and weaknesses but once I did I found myself strong enough to take on a whole host of apparently “overpowered characters” (e.g. Rath, Galilea).

What I don’t want is for her to be made more powerful and tipped over the edge across to the side of “overpowered”, I don’t want to see an Ambra every single game with 11kills and 2 deaths. She can be played well as she is and she’s currently one of the few characters people aren’t constantly playing (besides me and a few others), and I like it this way, it means that the people who do play Ambra at the moment either do extremely bad because they haven’t understood the character and her mutations, or they do extremely well because they know how to use her in one-on-one/two-on-one fights.

I’m not trying to be condescending. I understand why people might assume she’s underpowered at this point, I thought something similar at first, but it’s simply not the case, she can be a complete killing machine in PvP or a decent support if you have enough experience with her. I’m fairly sure my kills and assists ratio would agree with me here.

Some vague advice I put together recently on Ambra.

From another post of mine.

I think the range is good like it is now, but the healing of the sunspots are weak and the life steal beam can stand 5-10 % more damage, same with solar wind.

Sunspot could heal more i agree with that but apart from that she fine she was nerf for a reason guys people seem to have short term memory loss when it comes to the unstopable unkillable and no way to get away from ambra.

Why nerf her ability? Her movement speed is what needed nerfing, every time I pick a fight with her for Galilea’s lore Ambra gets away… And Ambra’s spear can still do a lot of spot damage, also she was too hard to run from…