Ambra nerfed again!

I agree. Maybe just leave the game as is for longer periods of time. Let players get used to the meta. If there are any huge spikes in threads or stats look into it and make slight and careful changes. But ye, I guess they intend to do exactly that. (when it comes to balancing that is. I love the changes they made to incursion this patch).

I’m baffled by the nerf honestly, her ult is the slowest in the game and easily identifiable… but I can still do work with her I’m sure. What annoys me is they time yet another Ambra nerf with the introduction of a character who has incentive to kill her. That seems unfair in a way.


It seems so random. Her ult doesn’t do much damage (to players) and it takes forever to come down from the sky. If anyone needed their ult nerfed it would be Rath. His ult can get you kills with your eyes closed. They should at least remove the diamond in the sky when her ult is coming. No other character gives you a warning for their ult (Benedict, Marquis, Orendi, etc). Other than Toby and Foxtrot she already had one of the lamest ults… no need to change it.

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I think this nerf was random also. We just need to compare with Alani’s ulti.

They’ve been taking away from her strengths & utility consistently for patch after patch and at this point I’m just like… why? Why is she still being focused on? What are they looking at that we aren’t? I have Master of Ambra & I’ve had pretty good luck using her, in the open beta & even now after 2 nerfs (that were more significant than this one) - controlling areas of the map, making it through matches w/o dying at all - and I’m wondering if this is true more generally for Ambra players. Is she still just dominating or something? Are they looking at win rates or other telemetry showing her as still outperforming others? The histrionics about her not being viable after every patch haven’t proven to be true at all, but is it really even worse than that? Because if they’re not seeing telemetry showing her as a dominant character, then they need to just stop tinkering w/ her right now.

I gotta say, I’m a little confused about some of the balancing decisions in general, both in the heavy-handed nature and in the focus. Take ISIC - a “tank” character meant to have high survivability, whose ult actually trivializes most story mode missions to the point of absurdity, potentially doubling the damage output of DPS-focused characters; well, when they did a balance pass on ISIC, the direction they decided to go was nerfing his survivability, and that was literally it. Meanwhile, Galilea - the character most universally recognized as being OP - is just now getting fixes for glaring issues that have existed since before the open beta. A piece of legendary gear was much too powerful, granting 5 seconds of invulnerability when near death every 60 seconds, so what was the implemented ‘fix’? 2 seconds every 120 seconds. I assume that one was pulled from quite a few loadouts, & not just from the meta-obsessive. Ambra’s damage nerfs for solar wind & her main attack were 34 & 33%, or 1/3 of the damage (and 1/3 of the lifesteal potential) - that’s not an incremental change. I get worried w/ these kinds of major changes all at once. Alani is really powerful right out of the box - will she be dramatically rebalanced, or will Miko have some competition for awhile? No way to know.


I have no idea why they keep tinkering with Ambra. I played her in the CTT, played her in the Beta and she was my first mastered hero once the game launched. She needed to be toned down in the CTT and in the Beta, but once the game went live, she was fine. I have over 200 matches played (63 as Ambra) and I have never once felt that she needed tweaking. I never saw an Ambra absolutely dominate a match, like a Galilea could before her nerf. She was just a good alternative to Miko as a healer.

If they really felt the slow on her ult (which was already pretty easy to dodge) could be problematic when combo’d with other ults, then they should have traded that piece of utility for something else. Instead, they just removed it with nothing to compensate. I don’t understand the thought process that went behind this.

As for ISIC, I don’t play him, so I can’t comment much on the changes. A good ISIC can really be a pain in the butt, that’s about all the inside I can provide.


But why choosing her when there are better choices now…?

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I never really even noticed that her Extinction Event had a slow. So when they said it was removed, I was like “huh?”.

I’ve won 16/17 games with Ambra, but 15 of those are on Capture, where she shines. (ba dum, tsss) It’s hard to say.

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I find that to be very far from the truth.

Looks good. Are those results repeatable or a high outlier? If you can repeat this, please let us know how you did it. I ask because it looks like the caldarius and marquies are feeding your team. Ambra is cool and I’m looking to pvp with her.

It was more of the fact that the Marquis felt safe in the nest and I was the only one who went up to fight him, and the Caldarius was playing like a melee DPS rather than a hit and run.

To be fair though most of my games end with me doing rather well. The way I do it is I don’t really spec into healing with Ambra and I will explain. The only support tool you need for Ambra is %30 sunspot regen and 50% health. Everything else should be focused on Solar Wind dmg/cooldown because while she is a support I picture her more of a hybrid who can place down sunspots and then go attack the enemy. It’s great because she doesn’t have to be near people to support them.

The problem I see many Ambra do is they spec fully into a support role thinking that is what she is made to do and I frankly do not see this as true (Unless you have rank 12 mutation.)

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Ohh nice some noob stomping :wink: - Some of the enemies didnt even got one kill. Please dont judge against that bad players. Against those bad players every character looks balanced…

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Yes my thoughts as well…

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Classic case of “Oh I can’t be wrong” oh well. Even good players can be denied kills by good players.

Just look at your posted images. Some of the enemy players have feed your team with nice kills.
Dont get me wrong Ambra is not complete useless but the risk is too high that you will lose case she is UP now.

You are judging how the game went from the screenshot, for all you know those players got focused and killed. Just because the score board says 0 kills doesn’t mean they fed us. Is it so hard to believe that people know how to focus characters and CC correctly?

Just look at their deaths. No kills and a lot deaths. They fed your team indeed.

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Alright this is getting out of hand so lets put it like this.

Ambra was nerfed, still did great with her.

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…against noobs. Then the sentence is correct.
If it is no problem for you show us a picture where the enemy team not sucks and you still get these results.

Then I never have said anything…

I doubt this is going to do anything but let me just feed some more.


These don’t have as many kills because I was trying a support build but guess what she still did good.