Ambra Normal Attack Distance to Hit

Curious if the Devs have informed of any fix on the distance of her normal attack range. Always seems like i have to walk up to someone holding down my trigger to hit someone. Feel like with her staff should register from a fair distance. 20-40 yards.

Maybe not that far, but I do agree that it needs a bit of a buff range. due to the lifesteal though, It shouldn’t be too far.

As an avid Ambra user, I feel it should be at least the max length you can keep it going. I shouldn’t have to get close to start it and then be able to back up.

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Give her a larger range for the beam, as you suggested, but only allow the life steal to kick in at it’s current distance.



yeah would be a good idea.

Seems odd that a character that keeps shouting “don’t touch me”, must share the same space as mobs/opponents in order to land normal hits. Yeah, she needs a tiny range boost alright.