Ambra PVE beast

(Artimes7) #1

Regularly get 350 plus kills and most damage dealt with this supposed healer, how do you guys like to run her? Have you noticed her drop off in PVP it’s probably just me but I do terribly

(Master of Eeveelution) #2

I’m quite the opposite lol, even pre-nerf I found her too slow on PvE :slight_smile:

(Artimes7) #3

Try her out on defense missions like renegade, place extinction event on there spams points sunspot when they spawn for short stun. It’s silly how many kills you can rack up.

(Master of Eeveelution) #4

I haven’t played her on PvE since the beta, I always found chars with large AoE like OM and Thorn to be sufficient and they’re even better on defense missions. Perhaps I’ll try Ambra next tine I play PvE.

(Artimes7) #5

I’ll post a screen shot when I get back to my xbox if your curios about the statue lines you can get

Edit: Looking for a well rounded build for capture