Ambra Staff of Radiance Attack Speed

I have wondered if Ambra’s Staff of Radiance would work with an attack speed increase, I assume it would but I don’t want to waste a gear slot for an item that may not work.

It works with her offhand attack, but I’m not sure about her main attack.

Best way to check is to keep track of the numbers after you increase it. I know healing received helps with hp back.

I would try, but it’s very hard to notice an increase if there would be one on a continuous beam attack.

Hmm, I’d also like to know if it increases the tick speed of the staff… Maybe I’ll test it out, but since there is no shooting range (GBX you should have learned by now, everyone wants them in your games!) results can indeed be harder to notice.

I’ll try and remember and run it tonight. Normally you just compare game footage and just check the ticks of damage for a certain amount of time. So time it for 10 seconds and just slow the footage down and count.