Ambra - The most popular Battleborn

Just something I thought about and wanted to point out:

Some Battleborn have lore challenges that require them to play on the same team as another Battleborn 5 times, or kill another Battleborn 25 times. Some of the lore challenges to play with a specific Battleborn go both ways, such as Phoebe and Marquis, Ghalt and Mellka, Miko and Kelvin, and Galilea and Ambra. But Ambra is the only character who is required to be killed by more than one Battleborn, on the same team as more than one Battleborn, and even killed by AND on the same team as one Battleborn.

Deande has to play five games with Ambra, Alani has to kill Ambra 25 times, and Galilea has to do both, thus making Ambra the most popular Battleborn and the only one with a connection to Battleborn from two other factions.


Her dedication to tucking shirts in inspires both love and hatred across the universe. Truly a battleborn for the masses.


Bit of a shame that she’s been nerfed into the ground and now nobody plays her


I still do but only in co-op I am constantly killed in any pvp with her.

I’m not sure who in their right mind WOULD play her in PVP at this point, as you’d just get RELENTLESSLY “berserker-rage” hunted and rushed by up to two different characters, both of which would be singling you out and targeting you soely for the entirety of the match…

The nerfs were bad enough, but those lore challenges inspire both “lone wolf” and “ant-team” behavior, as well as what basically amounts to “harassment”… =.=

I’m able to use Ambra with an easy positive k/d. Problem is it takes so long to get her playable, the legendary and later mutations are what make her viable.

Right and that’s the biggest thing: Ambra absolutely BLOWS until you get some levels on her… >_<

I play PvP with her quite frequently and consistently have a positive k/d. However I only started playing with the most recent iteration of her, so I didn’t have a point of reference for how she was played before. I can understand how if someone were used to playing her a certain way and then her abilities changed out from under them then it’d be hard to play PvP with her still.

As for being targeted, I think part of the issue is that people try to play her like an attacker instead of as a support. I get a lot of kills with her but I do so by supporting, not chasing kills. It’s the same issue as with Miko. If you’re not playing by your team (or your team is not properly protecting you) then you can be an easy target.

You replied to something I said over 3 months ago lmao. I “partially” retract my statement about her being hunted ferociously, as it’s not QUITE as bad since the lore challenge overhauls.

Now you aren’t REQUIRED to get the killing blow (just as assist is fine), and the number of kills required was slashed by something like 1/5th iirc.

I still think her sunspots are PATHETICALLY weak and her ult is way too hard to land with any high rate of success, though.

What about her sunspots feel weak to you? Damage? Healing? That they die too quickly?

Her Ult is fine imo… You don’t have to land it for it to be effective. It’s really quite good at pushing people back farther than they would ever have to

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I like Ambra’s ult. Now that the rest of her kit is outrageously good, it’s the perfect kind of ult to round her off: a viable tool in all kinds of circumstances, very territorial, but certainly not overpowered.

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it feels like ambra got a stealth nerf to her sunspots. I’ve mastered her before the july patch and played her for a bit since. picked her up tonight and my sunspots were melting much faster than normal.(from minions being near it) even with me healing the sunspots they’d pop in moments

Whoops LOL! Sorry about that, didn’t even notice the dates on this thread

I’m pretty sure someone has a lore challenges involving three other factions. I think Kleese, Ghalt, and Deande. Answering the Call for Mellka I believe

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