Ambra - The Sentinel Advanced Hardcore

Yes! Power of the Sun!

Used zero activation fee mods for shards and sprint speed plus her Legendary.
(I finished her Lore at level 13, used the shards to activate the Legendary.)

The Sentinel - Advanced Hardcore - Solo

Final score: 81356 (Record)
Time: 47:51 (Record)
82 Char XP
421 credits
Bonus: 40756

you can do all of the advanced missions solo with ambra or kleese…or ANY of the battleborn if ya practice. nice work though :wink:

hehe…She is a ton of fun. :wink:

Biggest advantage of Ambra on Sentinel is that, if you grab her fireball staff at level 7, all of her attacks straight up ignore the Golem immunity stuff so you can run around tagging them wherever and with whatever you feel like, making the entire mission a helluva lot easier.

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…Indeed, I’ve found Oscar Mike did it the best up until now. :smile:
She mows thru everything on that.
Am also trying Helio solo with her but as everyone is aware pulling it off with no deaths is nearly impossible.

Would this make a fun challenge for us?
Possibly kick some vigor into the game again?

  1. Let’s pick a map.
  2. Solo, with a shot posted at the end.
  3. Advanced Hardcore.
  4. Ambra, with any gear you want.

Sounds like fun to me :smile:

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