Ambra's Current Situation AFTER This Nerf

Ambra, you got xx days off. Enjoy your life, we retire you from being a useful, “whatever” your role was.

Um, I kicked ass with Ambra, all the time, and I didn’t even know her extinction even snared. Don’t talk sh*t about my Ambra. She is amazing support.


I’m pretty sure that my point wasn’t about her ultimates cc. Leave my misunderstood Ambra alone.

Well now I’m just confused.

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Then what’s bad about Ambra that you’re trying to say here? She still kicks ass!

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Lol! I main Ambra and had zero clue it slowed. I’m 99.9% sure it doesn’t say the word “slow” anywhere on her cards or helix.


well make your thread make sense next time instead of posting odd BS with no clue on what the heck your talking about

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Good, that means this is not the place you should waste your time. Leave dude.

Be nice to each other, or soon there´ll be a mod with cute animal pics to remind of that! :heart:

Besides I red the Patchnotes regarding Ambra and noticed she got nerfed (again) -
what is your topic about anyways? The nerfs itself? Or Ambras role in team and how that is affected by the nerf? I´m just a bit confused by your post…

Please enlighten us. I really want to b*tch about Ambra. I want to make sure I know what your complaints are so we are on the same page.

No I actually trolled everyone. Anyway, I didn’t know that Ambra’s ultimate got a slow either, but I cannot understand why they are making changes on her that often. Okay, she is a close to mid range mage?, has some sustain, and a nice constant damage thanks to her basic attacks. She has no cc(without augments) and I didnt realize her ultimate had any. It would be nice if they didnt touch that fact, why remove if some players cant even see that there is a slow effect in it? I dont understand why they make changes on her kit, or try to adjust her role, as she already has one.

It’s good to be sure about a character play but patch notes says that they REMOVED the slow from her ultimate. They arent lying, I suppose?

I’m convinced they hate her. Although, she is pretty stuck up so I can see why.


I dont know. My very first impression before I played her was a mid to long range mage type support, but she is not. She is squishy, got sustain. Got a target lock? basic, along with 2 easy hit skills, and a shield to make her escape. This confuses me. Oh also life leech.

I think she’s top tier. Her mutations take the cake. Spam-able ranged AOE attack, one of the best knockbacks in the game, triple healing potential (fuel sunspots), etc. Not to mention her scorching strikes get 100% dmg boost when she’s full heat. Her survivability is off the charts too. Very hard to kill a good Ambra.

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Love her to death. Once she gets to level 7 in a match and has her legendary, plus a shield pen item, and the symbiote gauntlet legendary? Just sit back and…

Jump-jump basics-jump-spam solar-jump q jump-do ninja stuff-(dont forget use your ultimate at the beginning and drag them into its aoe!), pentawings.

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I’m one rank away from hitting rank 15. I should benefit the use of double exp event.

What is this Gauntlet legendary you speak of?