Ambra's Extinction Event Changes?

I have been playing Ambra for quite some time now. (Roughly 500 hours) So I think I could say I know a lot of about her her. Ambra’s Ultimate ability “Extinction Event” is something I hate the most. (Besides the Constable Cuddles) So I thought I’d make a forum to solve this issue.


-Her Ultimate is WAY too slow to be any near effective with a team that has a brain.
-It’s damage isn’t threatening due to other characters having their Ultimate landing instantly AND doing more DMG. (Thorn)
-They took the passive slow it had on it for some reason. (Probably that shedding rat Constable Cuddles)
-It’s FX and volume is unnecessary


-When they DO happen to fall in it, it’s a free push due to health difference. Leading to a coordinated team wipe.
-(LVL.10) Extinction Event stuns enemies leading to massive ADVTG.
-A good zoning tool. (lol)


-Give it a larger explosion radius. (15%)
-Cut the explosion time greatly. (20%)

But anyway, this is just my opinion. If you have something to say, please leave a comment. I want this changed ASAP. #ConstableCuddles #PraiseTheSun

P.S. Tuck yo’ shirts in.


But is territorial ult for a territorial character… I like it as it is, but i wouldnt complain if it deals more dmg.

The slow on her ult was massive… I was sad when they remove it but indeed it was to much. (I still think she is the only healer without good cc)


Yeah, I could see that. It’s just so inferior to other Ultimates IMO.


Since they about halved Kid Ultra’s overall damage potential, she’s back at the top of supports for pure damage capability. Discounting Kleese of course. Her lvl 7 fireball wizard combo’s nicely with her territorial letting her push quite effectively.

Personally, I think she’s absolutely fine where she’s at.

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I think she’s good as well, but when facing a good team. Her ultimate becomes completely useless. They almost never get hit by it, the only way for it to work is for it to be combined with Kleese or Attikus. Even then, that’s pretty difficult.

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Ambras ultimate is a support ultimate and shouldn’t deal the kind of immeadiate burst damage casters like Orendi and Thorn do. (And admittedly their ultimates, Thorns especially, might be a little too good)

Ambras ult is also fantastic for waveclear, the cooldown finishes between meltdown waves. I guess the explosion timer could be shortened a little bit, but not too much. As I said, it’s not supposed to be some assassin ult, it’s main function is waveclear and area denial, not to kill. It just also happens to do a lot of damage.

I do think the +3 second duration at lvl 10 could be changed to give back the slow, I too was bummed that it was removed :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the sound FX is cool as heck. That bass rumble pleases me greatly.


I would only reduce the length of the casting animation. I find it rather long after you put your target zone down.


I completely agree, I just have such a hard time doing ANYTHING in a competitive field of play. I feel I’d rather play Miko, do WAY more healing than Ambra, more CC, and overall more utility. Maybe I’m seeing it wrong, but as of now. I see her as a CC Damage Secondary Support. She can’t solo heal by any means, she can assist in it very well though. I do love that earth rumble though. lmao

I started realizing it wasn’t as what I thought it was used for early on. So now I just put it on large minion waves and zone enemies, or even flank with it and use Ritual Of Repulsion.

I do think Ambra needs some helix reworking, she has many helices that are outright detrimental and she is way too dependent on mutations which no character should be. And healing sunspots all match isn’t necessarily a very fun way to play either.

And on top of all this, her lack of range until level 7 (which also kind of forces you to use her legendary) is tough in matchups where the enemy has the upper hand. A woe of all melee, admittedly…

Her primary fire is also really lame. If it’s too good it’s unfair because it’s a no aim ability and people really dislike that, but if it’s too weak… well, it’s what you get now. I wonder if it would be possible to just remove the range helix and give it to her by default, replacing the beam, or if that would somehow go against her character design. The beam draws in heat from targets while the range helix dispenses it… Maybe make the range attack build up heat like Montana, overheating the staff, or something.

I don’t personally think there is anything wrong with Ambra, but I wouldn’t mind some changes to make her more engaging to play.


I’ve been trying a Ceremonial Sacrifce build with Ambra, and it’s actually really effective! It doubles the healing, unlike putting 2 Sunspots down. I still don’t know why it doesn’t increase it when more Sunspots are active. Also, since her Primary is an Attack. Attack DMG. affects her overall healing with the Solar Sustainer Legendary. It makes her more fun to play.


I enjoy the mobility of ambra, as you can set your health stations. You can also sneak behind enemies and push them with your staff into your group. The problem with miko is, when you are in tight situation, you have to stay near the target and if the enemy plays smart, he can kill two BB. As Ambra I can set my heal spot, go into battle and come back at the heal spot to refill it.

Btw I would like to see the new cleanse mechanic GBX was talking long time ago. This would maybe change the CC/Tank meta.

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It’s kind of like with Earnest. People thought Mine Grid was worthless when it came out. Then they realized its great utility. Being able to cut off enemy escape routes and forcing them where you want them to go. Punishing them for pushing too hard. Plus having one of the lowest cooldowns also helps. Point is all the ults are great. They just have different utility and right now I don’t think any need a buff. Hell some could use a small nerf (I know that is a dangerous thing to say).

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Hell, I thought Kid Ultra’s was ■■■■■■■ stupid, but it saves lives. Both allies and your own.

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I thought Ernest’s Mine Grid was bad at first too. lol

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It does more damage then Thorn and Orendi’s Ult. Just the base Ults at…

  • Level 1
  • Ambra - 624
  • Thorn - 525
  • Orendi - 525
  • Level 10
  • Ambra - 1414
  • Thorn - 750
  • Orendi - 750

Not that it matters anyway, they’re 2 different types of Ults. They’re not really comparable.


Brian is a turd

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Anyways, Brian is one of those pro leet Ambra players. So let’s welcome him with warm, preferably scorching earth hot, cuddlies.

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What’s the point of level one ult stats?

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That’s a good question, actually. Unless…you hacker!

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Just to show that even in the command menu Ambra’s Ult has more damage (althought the command menu is technically level 0). Also to show how drastically different it scales compared to Thorn and Orendi’s Ult.

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