Ambra's last unlockable Skill Mutation is still broken

(Karkan) #1

[spoiling Ambra’s last unlockable Skill Mutation @ character Level 12]
I already made a topic about this in the open beta[Forum]. I wanted to Link this post but the topic from then has been removed (wtf?).

When reaching character Level 12, Ambra is able to activate her final Mutation Skill. The skill itself says (translated):
Ambra is able to use her beam to heal and power up sunspots. +150% sunspot efficency, +66 health Regeneration per second.

One thing about this works and already worked in the beta. With this Skill you are able to heal your sunspots, at the rate of your attack damage. But the Rest of the skill doesn’t work. While healing a sunspot it should become more efficent and grants extra healing power - or the sunspot should be healed at 66hp/s. But I can’t spot an increase in it’s efficency (power consumption), damage Output or healing power. Also the Argument, that the +66hp/s is the healing of the sunspot itself, is invalid. It could be meant like this, but the numbers on the screen show that the sunspot is healed as much, as Ambra’s beam Deals damage in general.

I was really looking forward to use this Skill, but it’s still either broken, or the skill description is wrong.

I’m playing on ps4 btw. So one question also is, if the client Version of the game is broken and shows the wrong damage and healing numbers popping up, but if this is a server side Problem, the skill won’t work on the other platforms too.

Please fix this, and if this topic gets also removed, at least tell me why. If you want I can post Video footage of the issue, but only if it’s needed, my Upload Speed is quite slow.

~Thank you

(Criimson) #2

I use that mutation 99% of the time and never noticed in the heat of things. I will do some testing tonight: with +heal% and without as well as just looking at the numbers as it heals and as it heals while I am healing it.

EDIT: After some testing, I agree it is not working (at least the efficiency part) none of the numbers changed from having the helix.

(Mike) #3

Maybe it’s a double tick like with Kleese. He heals 120 hp/sec but the healing numbers say 60.

( #4

I could be wrong on this but I think all healing is done in .5 second increments.

(Criimson) #5

Even so, the numbers themselves should increase when choosing the helix regardless of the timing.

( #6

It was meant as more of a reply to the Kleese thing, but yeah, this mutation is broken. Tough to say whether it is just a faulty description or bugged effect. I lean more towards the first one personally, making sunspots heal that much makes this helix a no brain choice out of 3 options, and would be a massive increase to her abilities that is essentially level locked, which isn’t good gameplay design for a competitive environment. That being said, there are plenty of other mutations that are just as much of a game changer… I just hope her heal beam stays relevant, as tough as it is to use I feel it works well with her playstyle.


Have you been doing the healing to the Sunspot while sunspot is healing an ally etc? It may only be boosted while you’re beaming the sunspot

(icefyer) #8

I’ve tested that. Healing is the same whether beaming it or not. Also tested it without healing items. Tested healing before grabbing it and healing after. Same amount. Still burns out just as fast, still heals just as much.

(Karkan) #9

I’ve tested it, when you heal it, no increased heal rate of the sunspot itself. When it heals you while you heal it, you won’t get a better healing rate, it stays the same. When it heals allies while you heal the sunspot, also no effect. The damage and healing rate stays the same.
There is also the +150%-efficency Boost. But it’s not working either. This would mean 150% less power consumption of the sunspot itself, so while it gets healed, it also Last much longer (it gets healed and uses less hp while healing allies or damages enemies).

I really don’t think this is just a broken description. Without the additional efficency and the increased healing the skill is just rather useless. It’s good for taking out minions, but Solar Wind is better. And if you want to heal allies, the beam the targets allies to heal them is more efficent.

(mayhew04) #10

Just posted this in Reddit. Any word when this will get patched?