Ambra's Legendary Gear and Lore Conpletion

I’ve been maining Ambra and I absolutely adore her. However, I’ve completed all her lore challenges and played her 100+ times and won with her well over 50+ times. Her lore screen is completely unlocked and I’m getting very frustrated that I cannot unlock the legendary gear for her and the Title Master of Ambra. HELP!!!

You should receive a character’s legendary gear as soon as you complete all of their lore challenges. Go to your Command screen and check your character challenges in the Career tab. If you’ve completed “Priestess of the Sustaining Mother” for Ambra then you should have the Legendary gear. If you have and don’t, you may have sold it or it didn’t process your completion correctly. If you haven’t completed the challenge, then double check your lore completion.

I’ve completed all of her lore and it still won’t show up. In the career tab under challenges under sustaining mother I am 4/5 but I’ve completed them all. I’m just confused and frustrated.

That’s a legitimate issue, and you should probably move this over to the tech support section of the forum

Also, check your gear page for excess gear.
If the number in the upper right is RED on the numerator and higher than the denominator, then you need to sell off gear or purchase more slots to make room for those items to appear.
The 4/5 completion may be a fail safe to assure you get her gear.
If all of that looks good, then you should report it and get a Support ID ticket started.

They already have a support ticket in the works for me. They said it is screwed up and are working on it.

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Did you win a match at rank 15 with her? That’s required as well.

Yes, I’ve literally done everything.