Ambra's Primary/Drain - snappier start now?


Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing more and more Ambra in PvE.
Prior to yesterday’s patch I’ve also had a slight grumble about how slow it felt her primary drain attack would activate on a target.

During my rounds last night, it felt as if it was much snappier and quicker to select a target and start its damage/drain.

Anyone else notice this or am I a nutter? (Both is an acceptable answer.)

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It’s probably a function of the new queues matching you with players that have better connections.

I’ve found that any beam tethering attack in Battleborn is heavily influenced by lag, with the biggest issue being getting that initial player lock-on to take hold. It’s easier to spot if you play a lot of Miko, and why I avoid pocket whenever possible.

You may or may not know, but she used to be pretty much god… er… goddess-tier. They nerfed her before launch and after launch, and one of the nerfs was giving her primary a very, very short tether. I miss the longer range, because it always looked like she was walking an enemy like a dog on a leash.

Sunspot spam was the bigger issue, anyway.

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I didn’t play as or against her much prefer nerf. How could they Sunspot spam?

Cooldown gear was more powerful, and Bask in the Light provided 20% Sunspot cooldown reduction, so you could almost cast Sunspots one right after the other.

As the victim, you would hear something like “whoosh-kaCHING, whoosh-kaCHING, whoosh-kaCHING”, and you’d be dead in about five seconds. Typically, you wouldn’t even see Ambra until the killcam.

Same thing in CTT, except faster. Agile Anomaly removed any windup from Sunspot casting, allowing you to machine gun Sunspots directly onto a player position. You’d be dead in under a second.

As an alternative in Open Beta, some Ambras would take Soothing Sunlight, and become invincible by constantly eating Sunspots cast to their front, in a Ms. Pac-Man-esque fashion. waka waka waka waka


I miss the ctt Ambra days… Reyna as well, stack attack speed, homing plasma, instant death once you mark them… so much fun lol

I see no difference in her beam. Still slow and too short a lock-on range.

Ah, so she’s why cooldown gear feels so weak.

Oh, CTT Ambra, you made sure people had their shirts tucked the **** in.



CDR’s dog ■■■■ in most cases unless you stack it with 2+ items and one has a proc condition that’s easy to do aswell as a cd reduction helix to further boost it.
Example Rare with CDR reduction with an easy to achieve proc like crits,shield damage or melee for your character. Epic/legendary with CDR as it’s secondary state then 3rd item whatever.

It’s better then CC duration because that stat is pretty hard to stack and no BB has cc duration reduction in their kit at all.

Like others have said, a change in connectivity best explains this. My green bar Ambra games are radically different to my red bar Ambra games - in the latter, I don’t even bother trying, as they’ve already moved by the time the server knows I’m trying to suck out their precious life force.

Having the range increased on her beam is my #1 quality of life change for Ambra. I’d be very surprised if it’s not part of her upcoming rework (god I’m excited for this.)


Latency is a good explanation. Living out in BFE on DSL from Frontier, you never know what kind of stability you’re getting day to day.

Appreciate most of the responses!