Ambra's Solar Pacification Build

Hello all Havic Back here with a new build for you today its been a while i know but today i have the first in a series of Builds for you the builds i am listing have more to do with the legendary items attached to them then the actual helix choices this is the build my teams ambra run in meltdown and incursion.

Gear: as this build is more focused on her legendary gear i will go in depth here there two mandatory legendary gears needed the third can be what ever you desire.

**1.**The first legendary gear is the Pacifier: Drops from isic in the algorithum

What this dose is put the weakness debuff on a target for 5 seconds with every dmg you deal the debuff is refreshed this turns your sunspots into a attack dampener and sence a majority of the charcters rely on attack dmg this is a strong choice debuff for PvP imho.

**2.**The next Piece of Mandatory gear is the solar sustainer:
With this your sunspots will now buff the allies they heal and yourself this has to be one of the best choices of legendarys for ambra imho giving her sunspots way more utility.

Your third choice of gear is up to you but i usually run her character specific legendary for heat Build up

Honorable Mentions

1.Oath Of the sustained
Combines nicely with Solar Sustainer to buff allies out of reach of sun spots sence its AoE lifsteal heal counts as healing allies for the sutainer to kick in.

2.Void Resonator: for the extra self sustain when your sunspots are healing

3.And the last honorable mention is Bolas target finder

This stacks with ambras sunspotter debuff allowing you to further cripple the deffence of a target by at least another 5%

The Helix Builds are Listed here

Quick Rundown
Early game: LvL 1-4
You wanna get the pacifier Activated asap and start laying down sunspots to debuff and heal allies the debuff from the legendary also debuffs the sentry’s attack so unlock it asap to give your team support from the sentry’s attack. Sence the fight over mid is more important then ever you want ritual of repulstion to push back enemy’s out of your sentry pit or push them back into there own while your team pushes up.

Mid Game: LvL 5-7
you will want the solar sustainer activated at this point because your sunspots now have a bigger radius allowing your allies to receive the attack dmg buff a lot easier. your now able to set up pushes with your ultimate just lay it down behind a enemy and push them back into it with solar wind just be sure to set it up in choke points when they only have 2 ways to escape front or back.

Late game 8-10
you can now beef up your solar winds AoE Radius and sunspot heal and your Ultimate should the match get this far nothing drastic will change much here.

Any way Hope you enjoyed enjoyed this build plz comment below and i hope to be able to answer any questions you mite have.

I play with a max of 1 legendary in PvP modes as it takes to long for 2 or more legendries and when the game does go on for longer you can built turrets, accelerators and healing stations with your shards instead of slacking behind with gear.

I play ambra with healing power + healing power after surviving 180 sec (blue) a cooldown + cooldown on melee hit (blue) and shield recharge delay + cooldown (purple).

i usually have all legendarys actice with in the first 5 mins of a incursion or at least the two i prioritize most but activating them is no big deal imho.

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Which means your taking shards away from more important roles and not activating turrets for XP. Unless your using a extractor to help offset this.

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No i have a shard path a follow to a tee in incursion and i usualy am at full gear at 20 min mark on the map using just 6 big shards speaking of turrests i roll in a premade and my main tank has the legenndary that gives him shards on dmg taken so he usually builds every thing we need and has ass loads of shards leftover

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The first legendary I activate in incursion is Lorian Pursecutter. The other team funds my legendaries :imp: