Ambra's Soothing Sunlight burst-heal kinda broken

So after some discussion about possibly making a burst heal ambra build in a discord channel last night, today i decided to go test out how much healing i could get out of it.

Queue the Renegade Mission to use the inferno traps to hurt myself in relative safety to test the healing capabilites.

NOTE: I dont have any gear on and have taken no skills apart from those listed and im casting the sunpots at my feet so they immeadiately pop and provide the burst heal ASAP.

This is with Soothing sunlight as the ONLY skill picked up



Seems pretty good.

I noticed another post here has mentioned the wording change to Stellar Ritual which used to read extra efficiency and extra healing. Those words are now absent from the skill, but we’re gonna test it out anyway.

Soothing Sunlight and Stellar Ritual as only skills



As you can see, it’s neither more efficient or providing +100% healing and you cant use the staff to feed the sunspot because it’s immediately consumed. Considering the wording was removed im not that surprised. But this wasnt mentioned in the patch notes AT ALL and if all they did was remove the wording but keep the effects well, It doesnt do what its suppossed to.

So, i carried on to level 8 (found a helix point in a box luckily) to get Fan the flames, adding 50% sunspot health. Surely This should add 50% sunspot healing on the soothing sunlight augment?

Soothing sunlight, Stellar ritual and Fan the flames as the only skills



The difference in healing is obviously from levelling and not from the skill, since this should now be topping 400+ health EASILY.

As a burst healer Ambra is utterly broken in comparison to Alani’s osmosis heal. Even Reyna with her helix skill choice to heal 300 HP when she overshields an ally is better.

I get that ambra was powerful and required Balancing, But her burst heal capability is now WOEFUL. As it stands, Soothing sunlight feels like a complete waste of a helix choice when it doesnt provide the healing bonus’ you would expect. The fact that the burst heal does NOT increase when you increase the HP of the sunspot is almost criminal.

I’ve masterd ambra and my play style is fairly hit and run. I dont play her as a healer support, i drop sunspots to help a little where needed. But for those that DO want to use ambra as a healer this really isnt helping them, or their teammates and leading to people wasting skill points because of ambiguous text and/or skills that do not synergise at all when they should.

I do hope Gearbox is looking into this. Even if the efficiency and additional healing from Stellar ritual is gone, the fact that soothing sunlight does NOT stack with Fan the flames is something that should be fixed.


Interesting information, thanks for taking the time to do this. If sunspot health is irrelevant to the burst heal, I guess you can at least walk over it after it heals you a bit for the extra hp but your team would have to be aware of this mechanic to really utilize it, and even then it’s kinda meh. I never got around to trying this helix as an attack component though, I wonder how it fares that way. Actually hitting someone with a sunspot is pretty skill intensive though, and I sorta doubt it deals comparative damage for the difficulty.