Ambra's Sprint While Attacking

Hello everyone. Something started to annoy me that, wasn’t Ambra be able to sprint while attacking? I couldn’t be able to catch my opponent at any curcimstances and I suspect this started to happen after the recent patch. Am I the only who lost the capability to catch anyone as Ambra?

May be something related to multiple input issues. I feel lately I have a hard time with multiple key entries and often have to entirely stop doing things to activate skills, to start something, etc.

This is a very recent thing.

Yeah sometimes Ambra’s Solar Wind interrupts itself too, which is really annoying.

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It was a bug mostly known with Gali, which was fixed. You shouldn’t be able to sprint AND attack at the same time.

How was I be able to play Ambra and run, and basic attack at the same time, for a month? Is this a bug, or got changed recently, BECAUSE I’m quite sure that I was be able to run if I land my basic attacks on my opponent.

Ambra was never sprint and attack. The only changes made to her weren’t movement speed related. Her staffs initial range was reduced pre launch, as well as her flame shield strength and a bit of a nerf to solar wind.

Maybe you were using a movement speed piece of gear that you then took off? I use movement speed with Ambra for this reason.

I still use her often, as she is a force to be reckoned with soon as her meteor is unlocked. Before thay she is very easily stunned and killed so be wary of.yoir position and make sure to fuel your sunspots in the right places :slight_smile:

Wrong word, I shouldn’t have used “sprint”. Anyway, will keep playing her and see what the exact problem is.

Thanks for the tips, but I’ve got respectable amount of matches with Ambra.

Once you master her to get Shard of Jennar and have the Radiant Halberd mutation active your ranged secondary novas do 100+ damage per hit abd you never run out :slight_smile: happy killing!!

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