Ambush applies to grenade damage and elemental DOTs while in deception

Don’t know if this is new info (probably not) , it is new to me, although I was kind of suspecting it after seeing ambush applying to pretty much anything during deception (unforseen , kunai impact and splashes, …) .

The grenade(s) doesn’t have to be thrown during deception … one can throw tesla/corrosive cloud/fire burst AOE grenades and their damage ticks during deception will get the ambush multiplier (the elemental DOTs they trigger also)… Add the relevant bone and those grenades will have teeth …

There are a LOT of COMs that boost ambush (wiki Killer, Professional, Spy, Survivor, Legendary Killer, and Legendary Ninja class )


It sure does. It is covered in chucks spy zero build.


Sorry for the necro, but here is a Link to Chucks Spy Zer0 build for any newer Zer0 fans look like me stumbling across this thread and was unaware of the other, as I did.