AMD fidelity FX in PC game settings

Hello all, I’m new andd sorry the silly question, but on PC can’t find any explicit Fidelity FX enabling ON/OFF feature, just the “FidelityFX sharpening” option. Is that enabling and upscaling the resolution as expected by AMD Fidelity FX?
Thanks in advance

Nobody has any clue? Where am I mistaking? Why I can’t find the fidelity FX presets settings?
Thanks again

I don’t believe these are accessible through any in-game menu. The closest I’ve found to any ability to change settings outside of the game is this link.

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Thanks and sorry for late reply, I supposed it was possible via In-Game menu. Now i?m just wondering if the RSR achieves almost same results as FSR 1.0, since it can be quickly activated via Adrenalin…but thanks anyhow!