AMD Gaming Evolved and Plays.TV

I have something called “AMD Gaming Evolved” on my PC, which purports to “optimise” my system for games. The cynic in me feels that it may actually just be sapping performance by running in the background. It is also now trying to persuade me to use “” to record gaming - does anyone use this? Is it worth doing or is it just another sys tray hogger…

Am I being too cynical or are these things really helping me?

same stuff as GF Experience.

AMD Gaming Evolved is also known as Catalyst, which you can use to mess with games outside of the in-game options and ini files. I’ve used it to limit certain games to 30 frames as to avoid broken cutscenes (Saints Row 2) and graphics card overworking (Sims 3). Also used it to limit Bioshock to 60 frames for the sake of having an easy frame sync with the mod that unlocks the in-game physics frame rate.
Play.TV I deleted from my system the day AMD added it to my PC. It’s never added it back.

Same. It killed my performance.

Anyways, the AMD Radeon Evolved app is kind of useless, but you can get games as a reward for just playing games with it open. Just configure it bot to interfere at all, and you’re good.

I used it to limit Fallout 4 to 75FPS before ENB ran decent, since that framerate actually doesn’t mess anything up. It’s useful for UT2004 as well as a few other Unreal Engine 2 games, where 80+FPS breaks multiplayer (because of an oversight that apparently nobody fixed). Though I don’t play much multiplayer of them, I just know it’s a thing. Essentially: It’s useful.

What does 80 frames do? i play that game a shitton against bots.

Above 80FPS (Note, above 80FPS. It may be a slightly higher limit, but 80FPS is the maximum I was able to consistently get to work, using RivaTuner because it has a harder cap. A cap of 77FPS may be needed to go online), the game will actually send its request to “login” the server too quickly, and you’ll be stuck in a state in which you’re half-spawned, no weapons, and don’t have a presence to the other players. You’re basically a ghost, because the UE2 developers forgot that they could make a timed delay, instead of frame-based delay. So, it’s the server host that misses the login command.
So, essentially nothing when you’re on your own. It’s an online multiplayer only issue.

That said, UE2 supports high FPS surprisingly well, with that as its one and only issue, besides countless games relying on DX8, like Star Wars Republic Commando, notably. I actually learned of the issue from Republic Commando, which has a somewhat modified form of the UT2004 multiplayer. It’s honestly not very different internally, I’ve peeked at it out of curiosity. That game is a masterpiece of UE2 technology, with how many different effects they added to the game. Even better, the game has a fix to the bumpmapping. It’s pretty nifty.

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