Ammo capacity and Mayhem level

I have yellowcake, and I can destroy anything with it, but it also destroys my fun.

So I have tried with other “normal” M10 legendary weapons and it was not impossible. But there was a big obstacle : ammo capacity.

In Mayhem 10, mob health/shield/armor increased by 12500%, but ammo capacity remains the same.

Hundreds of ammo cost per one mob, and after takin 3-4 mobs I should go back to buy ammo.

I know there are some skills and items that help you from ammo poverty, but that restricts build diversity.

Only when ammo capacity is increased in proportion to Mayhem level, I could play the game with my favorite but weaker weapons.


I have a cut purse and fish slap grenade on all my VH’s, I highly recommend it :+1: some weapons eat through the ammo on MH mode and nothing worse than running out when your miles away from a vending machine and no cutpurse ( I learned the hard way )


A Transformer shield can also help, since it has a 40% chance to absorb ammo and add it to your reserves. The difference was immediately noticeable when I switched shields.

Absorb shields make all the difference for both defense and for ammo. I nowadays use a cutpurse all the time.

Get a fish slap grenade while u can mayhem level dont matter too much its all pvl 57

The Fishslap adds ammo?

Yeah the grenade is classed as melee damage so that will synergise with the cutpurse, and its safer also you can throw the grenades from distance :wink:

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You can also use the cutpurse with slam damage. Also from rocket boots artifact, so cutpurse rocket boots doesn’t need the fish.

Slam and slide damage is considered to be melee.


Ah, cool!


Cutpurse = dealing melee damage = ammo steal
Fish Slap Grenade = only deals melee damage. Therefore, the fish slap with the cutpurse combo allows you to deal melee damage from a distance + the fish slap usually bounces around for a few bounces, so you have the potential to ammo steal multiple times off on one grenade throw.