Ammo glitch for BL: Handsome Collection

Hey guys, I preordered BHC and started playing BL2 only to find that all of my characters that I transferred have ammo glitches! I can buy ammo, but it says i have none. The screen is constantly flashing no ammo. I can use everything fine, i just dont have any ammo to use! It also says i have about a million grenades. Please help.

Some people are seeing some weird glitches. Try a system restart and post if that works or not, please. It would be really handy to post a support ticket, too.

i posted a ticket and sadly the the reset didnt work

I am pretty sure I just wasted 60 dollars because there is no point to play if none of my characters have ammo and their BA Rank transferred

Have no fear! The team is aware of these issues and working hard to resolve them as soon as possible.