Ammo in Pre-sequel

I usually do that too, which is why I’m REALLY bad at using Tediore guns.

Two bullets fired and… oh crap! There goes another magazine. :angry:

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TPS does have a problem with less Ammo that you need. I’m currently Playing Nisha. I don’t put my SP into a particular Build. Just in the areas that fit what I want out of the guns I use. I don’t pick my Shotties by Brand per say. But by Spread Pattern. I’ll aim at a wall to see what it does. Fire Rate, Reload, and Mag size all matter.

SMG’s are my back up weapons. When my Assault Rifle and Pistol are out of ammo. I use my SMG’s to get myself through, or out of an area to where I can ammo up. By Chest, or Vend.

I Snipe an area to clear out Soldiers, etc. Get the rest with my main guns. Shot Guns I save for when I get swarmed. I, like everyone else. Match my Shields and Mods to the situation and weapon(s) being used at the time. I’ll switch Mods several times during a battle if needed.

Plus, I’ve seen better guns in the machine,than from a Drop. TPS does not have a good Drop rate at all. all of my best guns, I’ve had to buy them.

I’ve yet to play Holodome. I have it with Season Pass. But don’t know if I’d get any good Drops from playing there. I was thinking of using it to Lvl Up from Normal to TVHM

Outside of Laser guns almost any ammo type runs out with Nisha. I’ve seen a few threads where people try to circumvent her ammo dump to no avail.

She is a total bullet hose with no ammo regeneration.

Which is funny because when you think about it, every other character has some form of ammo conservation or regen.

Athena has elemental barrage.
Jack has Absolute Advantage.
Claptrap has the Pinata COM.
Wilhelm has Overcharge.

Nisha is the only character without any ammo conserving skills or COMs. She also has more potent fire rate boosts than most characters, and she has a greater number of fire rate boosts as well. Really not a great combination.

True Enough. As The Law Bringer she just lays down rounds of ammo. As Marcus says: “You Don’t Need To Be a Better shot. You Just Need To Shoot More Bullets”.

With Nisha and up to RK5, I’ve only run out of ammo 2-3 times with a single weapon. Never over all.

I’ll just leave that there :wink:

Outside of pistol builds, Nisha does just fine without ammo regen


Yes and no: the main problem really is pistol-ammo for sure, but did you ever or did you even try to take a boss with the bullpub or a spinigun alone?? I’m sure you did, so you will know that Nisha needs to switch weapons every, say, ten minutes to not run out of ammo.
Its not a big deal, but i would call it some sort of micromanagement.

For the Holodome and the final boss, I recommend using the ammo regen Moxxtail, especially if you are mainly only using one type of gun.

I’m having the same issue and I always forget about the Moxxtails

I had to give up on my rawhide sadist build because of Nisha’s bullet gluttony. The build emphasizes on pistols and melee, but I just kept burning through my ammo faster than I could melee the guys. I wish so badly that Nisha has some sort of ammo conservation or ammo regen mod. Pickpocket just doesn’t cut it at all. It doesn’t work on enemies who aren’t armed, and I’m firing so much and so often it does not mitigate Nisha’s pistol ammo consumption at all. My baroness got lucky by grinding mods and got her a decent celestial one… which regens ammo quite well.

I seriously loves Wilhelms overcharge. great for in battles and out. I hardly ever open crates for ammo with him. i actually re-specced Wilhelm from a build I had planned when I found out overcharge regens ammo.

Claptrap always carrys a pinata mod with the highest ammo regen to top stuff off and keep stuff going between battles.[not really useful for holodrome though… aka Ammunition Black Hole Hell]

my athena is melee… I always have plenty of ammo with her as shots are mostly used to kick off gun kata.

Jack is in between. I use his cooldown class mod and rely heavily on his clones and kill skills [that are practically always running thanks to the jack clones and leadership]

Jakobs pistols (especially Maggie) + Trick Shot/Tombstone and I never come close to running out of ammo. Get first kill with Showdown and then aim at walls, ceilings, and floors. Add in Hot Lead and Magnificent Six for even more damage. Not the most exciting build though. No cryo needed, although it’s fun to freeze the room with the Fridgia for your partners.

Nisha has Cowgirl and Pickpocket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Claptrap has action packages that give ammo, if I am not mistaken.

And Aurelia of course has the Celestial Baroness and the Poop Hunter class mods.

Ammo crates do give you what you need, if you wait to open them until you are very low. The thing to do is open up several crates before taking the supplies out of any of them. That keeps popping up mostly your nearly depleted ammo type. Then grab it all. I’ve even gone to the Hyperion Hub of Heroism, practically emptied my laser at a wall, then opened up 7-8 of the crates clustered together there (past the hallway from the fast travel), and finally grabbed the ammo out of all the opened crates. That will always refill all the laser ammo–always.

I’m not sure where the threshold is for this to kick in–20% ammo left? Something like that. You also start seeing your needed ammo drop from killed enemies when you’re almost out.

I was about to post that exact method! It worked for me in the Holodome. Elsewhere on Pandora or Elpis, the local critters poop everywhere, so there’s ammo all over the place.

Are you referring JUST to the Holodome, or TPS in general? Because if it’s just the Holodome, then yes ammo is scarce if you plan on running more than 3 rounds in one sitting. But that might have been the point (not that I can say with any certainty).

If you mean in general, what the hell are you talking about? Do you just fire nonstop and do a spray n pray or do you not actually look for ammo chests? Unless all 4 of your weapon slots are the same type of weapon or you pretty much just stick to the same weapon for your entire gameplay, I cannot understand how you would ever run low on ammo during normal gameplay.

Especially if comparing it to BL2. Not a ton of conventional ways to get ammo in The Dust, The Eridium Blight, Caustic Caverns, and the worst offender, Sawtooth Cauldron.

Just Holodome and only pertaining to nisha mostly.
Though Arelia is now my main.

In regards to the Holodome only, ammo replenishment was always an issue with me (before I respec into Elemental Barrage). Other than getting the Moxxtail, I would quit between rounds to rest all the ammo crates in the 'dome, just to make sure I would have some ready if the need arose.

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I see this is a pretty old thread, BUT, since it’s resurfaced:

A purple bomber oz kit and powerful Homing Grenades (Stormfront, Quasar, Bonus Package, or good purple grenades with similiar effects) can be LIFESAVERS.

Like most of the rest of TPS, there are very few enemies that can’t be destroyed with very little effort on your part by hanging back and letting homing grenades do your work.

Now that i know about the Data Scrubber grenade (Clappy DLC reward for siding with the cookies in the Shame and Denial mission in Pandora cluster), which replenishes your grenade ammo AND is homing, combine that with a purple bomber oz kit, and you have a HUGE amount of free grenades at your disposal, which in turn helps save your weapon ammo.

Still, as @SpiderTeo said, saving / quitting between each round to replenish ammo boxes is very helpful also.

The Data Scrubber is not homing.

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Realized that last weekend!