Ammo refill bug

Somtimes it takes 3 million to refill ammo but barely use any ammo anyone have this happen its not everytime just happens ever 3 times filling ammo at vending machine.

If you have a skill or item of gear that boosts grenade count, this will happen.

I dont have that kind of gear on it just randomly charges me 300 million for ammo strangest bug ever like i said it does not do it ever time but you will notice when the money pops up in the corner when it first happend i was like wow that much for ammo lol.

Not sure about the bug you described but I’ve noticed that I gain money when I buy ammo sometimes. At least,. the money counter that pops up shows I gained money. IE: it displays +$6500 and shows in grey above my total cash instead of displaying -$6500, being red and below the total money. Whether it actually adds to my money count I don’t know but it is certainly displaying wrong intermittently, as you mentioned, maybe once every 3 or 4 times.

Before the last patch my ammo was never full, always $300. After patch same thing always $350. Sometimes it takes -$300k or something. Other times it gives another random huge amount. At $99mill theres no way to tell if you miss it as it happens. Quirky hey?

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I’d forgotten about this bug, I had that one too, most noticeable on my splash Moze with gerande boosting COM. She could hold 16 grenades but I could never get her past 15 and every time I went to the vendor, it bought grenades for $300. Not happening for me now although, I did notice in DLC2 that the fishnet loot containers always let me loot sniper ammo even when full.

So it gives money i think this is what is happening because it does not show red just greenish blue that is strange i cant tell if it gives me money because im maxxed out money wise if it is giving money then its a good glitch maybe when you max out money it does this.