Ammo regen is throttled by 90% for Heavy guns FYI

Took a closer look at this and heavy guns only regenerate ammo at ten percent of the normal ammo regen rate, (i.e. only 0.5% of mag per second in the case of Forge).
Now, I kinda get why they did this (although, a 90% reduction? jesus christ), but y’know, why don’t you tell us these things, Borderlands?

As far as I can tell, this applies to both Forge and Redistribution. It’s a shame because Heavy guns aren’t the instant kill buttons they were in previous games (in normal mode at least), they seem intended for actual use besides second winds etc, ammo boxes are also more generous with rockets… so why gimp Moze’s ammo regen with a massive 90% reduction?

PS: Forge stops regenning ammo if it would go over your max backpack capacity. I get why, but again, it’d be nice if they fixed this so that it properly siphons off the backpack.

Or just use a Transformer, like half of everybody (it seems) and let bullet absorb turn enemy bullets into free rockets!

Means of Destruction is probably the primary intended way to maintain heavy weapon usage rather than the BM tree (Some For The Road being good for burst damage on a badass or the like).

Means of Destruction is cool but mainly for grenades. Right at the top of the BM tree there’s Cloud of Lead, which gives better ammo efficiency (even if you miss). Although I suppose MoD can be improved with Atlas MIRV rockets or big boy rockets, plus of course throwing grenades.

They hate Moze so it’s not really a surprise they stealth her abilities as well as openly gimp them :confused:

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As someone who mostly use heavies, I feel it’s relatively balanced. If I can spam heavies more than I can do now, like fire n forget weapons such as Scourge or Hive, it would feel pretty disgusting, I think.

Even Big Boy Rockets is spammable if you throw two hexes between shots and there’s plenty enough enemies.

Grenades AND ammo off of splash damage. Just because the community focuses almost exclusively on the grenade portion (+ Flakker) doesn’t mean it can’t be very useful for heavy ammo. Because MoD restores 1 at a time it’s better for launchers/guns that do a lot with a little.

1 ammo per shot launchers (Ruby’s Wrath being my favorite) and Vladof underbarrels (with more than shot, at least) are among the guns that benefit the most. -If- you’re willing to use one of the nades that can proc MoD a lot then sustaining multi-ammo launchers can be done as well.

Ruby’s Wrath + Nagata (aka, 8 chances to proc) is probably my favorite Blastmaster setup. Quite easy to never need to reload by alternating between the two. Launchers ignore a lot of Mayhem modifiers, too.

Launchers in this game are a bit closer to BL1 than BL2 - which is great for me since I basically wanted a non-punching Brick from Moze. Explosions and durability are certainly available, with ammo spam on top for good measure.


You can still shoot launchers that consume 4 ammo with 1 ammo… just sayin’

For example, you can spam Scourge without reloading just with MoD.

Yeah man that thing doesn’t count. If I’m throwing hexes then I might as well just keep throwing hexes and not bother with any gun.

You can throw Hexes and shoot Scourge at the same time.

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You can throw and shoot at the same time to kill things faster, though.

There is really good synergy with Ruby’s Wrath as well. Never have to reload that thing.

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I’m using this and I never run out of heavy ammo because even DoTs will cause the ammo to drop.

I don’t spam grenades or launchers but I could if I wanted haha. Pair it with Amp items to get extra savage since you keep instantly refilling your shield.

I’ve got one too… I’ll give it a spin, but picking boosters up during combat is annoying.

Something somewhat related, but Pull the Holy Pin’s crits will trigger the Redistribution icon, but won’t give you either gun ammo or grenade ammo. Not sure the icon showing is a bug or the lack of ammo return is.

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I’ve been using a Quasar and it hits so damn much I get plenty of rocket ammo and grenades back.