Ammo vending machines in BL2 do not sell grenade mods

Has anyone else noticed the ammo vending machines not selling any grenade mods except the item-of-the-day? Every ammo vending machine I check in BL2 only has the I-o-t-D available and no other grenade mods for sale. I’ve rebooted and tried different characters, still no grenade mods.

Also… What’s up with the white washed-out (hard to read) labels on weapons and items when laying on the ground? Top pic is the Xbox 360, bottom is the THC on Xbox One. Where was quality control?


I haven’t played long enough to think about the first issue but the second i agree with. What’s with the bleech?

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i dont suppose anyone ever got back to you regarding this? this exact thing is happening to me…no grenade mods and the weird bleached out look of the gear info.