Ammo Zane, makes me feel fine

Found it on youtube.

What you need:

  • Face Puncher - does melee damage when you shoot it
  • A powerful gun you want to shoot a lot of but are usually concerned about ammo running out. I like scourge rocket launcher, ion rocket launcher, and vladoff snipers.
  • ammo stealing artifact - every time you melee you get more ammo for you and your allies
  • I am also using the new Zane class mod from the DLC. “Seein’ Dead”. So worth it.

Spec into the capstone of the doppleganger tree so that your clone copies your gun. Also, for this, I like making my clone last as long as possible. So, skill duration is good. And action skill cooldown is also great. I also use sentinel now for the xtra damage output. And generally I boost damage output in the rest of my skill tree.

When entering a fight, switch to face puncher and start your doppleganger. As long he is shooting an enemy he’s now getting you ammo for your currently equipped gun. Now you switch to whatever gun you want to shoot a lot and start firing.

I noticed my power potential jumped dramatically from what I was doing before (generally using an Atlas Q system, and speed). I was more comfortable on Mayhem 1 or 2. Now I am very comfortable on Mayhem 4 on TVHM. I have to run more tests, but I definitely feel like Zane is finally growing into his power.

That said, we’d all appreciate Gearbox making sure all his skills work and perhaps some buffs still, so that more builds feel viable. For instance, most of his other legendary class mods are very weak.

Face puncher wikia entry

Just one of the youtube videos about it:


It will bore you to death after a while. It was a thing even before DLC.

It’s a pretty cool setup. Not a completely novel one, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Another twist is that you can give him the ION cannon, and have you both use it, only giving him the face puncher when you’re low on ammo. It’ll bump up your DPS just a little bit more (Keep dopplebanger around so you can manually swap his weapon if you need and also proc ASE anointments if you have them!)

Awe - it’s not a completely boring build! Just like any build, the fun eventually wears off, which is why Zane’s so fun: He has a TON of build options, just not a lot of class mod options :wink:


True true. I wanted to like it, like a lot. It just burned me out faster than any other play style, especially after Ion Cannon and Seein Dead came out. Prior you still had to maneuver right to make damage.

We all different though.


this compilation is one of the most fun of Zane. I made a similar using 3 baby makers (radiation / cryo / electric). I used as a base a compilation of @Gentlemann that he posted here in the forum. In addition to a fun build, it is very strong, because I ran M3 and M4 with it made maliwan takedown (needed some adjustments for the bosses) without any problems. I am looking for anointed equipment to repeat this build. The cool thing is that she does not need the new mod.

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I did forget to mention that Tediore reload tossing is cheap/viable too when your ammo refills this fast.

And yea, I’ve started to also let my doppleganger run the scourge or ion cannon or Lyuda.

I realize that my Lyuda is a STRONG part of my current setup too. It is annointed with “each hit provides another 1% damage; misses remove the bonus”. But it’s rather hard to miss Graveward. hahhaha.

Does anyone know if that annointment, while being used by your clone, also adds to your stacks?

This with the “130% damage after swapping with Digi-Clone” Anointment and a Cutpurse White Elephant is pretty damned insane. It regens your ammo while dealing out pretty significant DPS so it still holds utility while dealing great damage. And even on non-overpowered guns like the ION Cannon it can make for some pretty exceptional damage.

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I am happy you are enjoying our build :slight_smile:
its even to this day quite fun for me and I love it dearly since it is one of my personal creations that hasn’t been taken away from me so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

although I am lately also having much fun with my initial idea of making the clone work as my main damage, both are still my favorite builds in the game.

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